Yong Zheng Ph.D. speaks on Context-aware and Context-Driven Applications on the Web at the University of Glasgow.


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Yong Zheng, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Information Technology & Management, gave an invited talk on Context-aware and Context-Driven Applications on the Web at the University of Glasgow in United Kingdom on July 7, 2017. The talk was invited by the Information Retrieval (IR) group at School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow and their world-famous IR research group.

Professor Zheng's abstract on Context-aware and Context-Driven Applications on the Web:

Context-awareness has been explored and applied in multiple areas, including ubiquitous computing, information retrieval and recommender systems. We may need to collect contexts in advance, so that the system can make changes by adapting to these dynamic situations. Obviously, it is much easiler to collect these information from sensors in ubiquitous computing, but the process of context acquisition becomes one of the challenges in the Web applications. In this talk, we introduce the context-aware applications on the Web, especially based on the information retrieval and recommender systems. In addition, we highlight and discuss the context-driven applications that may influence the process of context collections, user interface and interactions, as well as relevant algorithms to support these novel applications.

About the University of Glasgow:

The University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of Scotland's four ancient universities. It was founded in 1451. In the QS World University Rankings Glasgow climbed from 59th overall in 2011 to 51st in 2013. Glasgow places within the top 20 in the UK and 3rd in Scotland for the employability of its graduates as ranked by recruiters from the UK's major companies. The Information Retrieval group at the University of Glasgow is a research group within the Information, Data and Analysis Section. It is one of the world-famous research groups in the area of information retrieval, data science and machine learning. They published high-quality papers in the top pier conferences, such as WWW, SIGIR, ICJAI, and so forth.

About Yong Zheng, Ph.D.:

Dr. Yong Zheng obtained his Ph.D. degree in Computer and Information Sciences from DePaul University, USA. Currently, he is a full-time senior lecturer at Illinois Institute of Technology, USA. His research lie in user modeling, behavior analysis, huamn factors (user emotions and personalities), context-awareness, multi-criteria decision making, educational learning, and recommender systems. Particularly, he is one of the experts in the context-aware recommender systems. And he served as a data science consultant at NPAW (Nice People At Work), Barcelona, Spain to help them build context-aware recommendation engines. He published more than two dozens of academic papers related to his research topics. He served as publicity chair at ACM RecSys 2018 and ACM IUI 2018. He organized multiple workshops related to recommender systems. And he was invited as PC members for a number of academic conferences, such as WWW, ACM RecSys, ACM UMAP, ACM IUI, etc.