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General Wireless Information

This information applies to all users of Illinois Institute of Technology. Wireless networking offers increased convenience for mobile users.

Protocols and Definitions

  • "SSID" stands for Service Set IDentifier and is the name identifying a Wi-Fi (wireless) network.
  • “802.11b” is a standard that provides data rates up to 11Mbps in the 2.4 Ghz frequency range. Illinois Tech's wireless infrastructure no longer supports 802.11b.
  • “802.11g” is a standard that provides data rates up to 54Mbps in the 2.4 GHz frequency range.
  • “802.11a” is a standard that provides data rates up to 54Mbps in the 5 GHz frequency range. The university's wireless infrastructure no longer supports 802.11a.
  • “802.11n” is a standard that provides data rates up to 600Mbps in both the 2.4 GHz frequency range (802.11b/g) and 5 GHz frequency range.
  • “802.11ac“ is a standard that provides data rates up to 1Gbps in the 5 Ghz frequency range.
  • "802.11ax" or "WiFi 6" is a standard that provides for higher performance and increased efficiency across a wider possible range of frequencies than any previous 802.11 standards.
  • “Encryption” is a technology that secures communication between an end-user device and a wireless access point. The IIT-Secure network uses WPA2-Enterprise, AES, and 802.1X for data security.
  • “Rogue access point” is a device providing wireless access within university property without approval. If a rogue access point is identified, the owner will be required to remove it within three business days. If the device is not promptly removed, technical staff will disable all network access to the rogue access point.
  • “Latency” is a measure of time it takes a packet of data to get from one designated point to another.
  • “Jitter” is a measure of variation in the latency between packets.

Wireless Network SSID Descriptions

Supports encrypted 802.11ax/ac/g/n and provides access for visiting guests from member institutions of Eduroam. On campus grounds, Eduroam access is identical to IIT-Secure for Illinois Tech users; there are no difference in service for these two wireless networks.

Supports encrypted 802.11ax/ac/g/n. The IIT-Secure network uses WPA2-Enterprise and 802.1X for authentication. Only wireless devices that support WPA2-Enterprise and AES encryption can connect to the network.

Supports unencrypted 802.11ax/ ac/g/n. It is the login portal to assist the Illinois Tech community to connect to IIT-Secure and provides Internet access to university guests, tenants, and university-supported events.


Supports encrypted 802.11ax/ ac/ g/n. The IIT-IoT networks uses WPA2-Personal Pre-Shared Keys (PSKs) for authentication. Only devices registered and assigned a PSK are able to connect to this network.


Many wireless and other transmitting devices interfere with Illinois Tech's wireless network. Below are some common devices that have a negative impact. While use of these devices is not prohibited, users should be aware of their impact and limit their use or find alternatives when possible.

  • Microwave ovens
  • Cordless phones
  • Wireless video cameras
  • Wireless game controllers
  • Zigbee devices
  • WiMAX
  • Wireless speakers
  • Bluetooth devices


The university's wireless network supports roaming between access points on the same SSID. Switching between SSIDs, e.g., IIT-Secure to IIT-Console, requires disconnecting from one SSID and connecting to the other.

Recommendations for Best Experience

Your network experience is an outcome of many factors, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Personal equipment connection capabilities and drivers. It is important to keep wifi drivers updated.
  • The number of running applications (e.g., web-browsing, games, Peer to Peer, streaming, etc.) that are using the network. Close unnecessary applications that use the network.
  • Wireless infrastructure is a shared environment. Large groups of users can utilize significant bandwidth at the same time. This will impact the speed and quality of the service for individuals.

Conviser Law Center (CLC), Rice, and Moffett Campuses

CLC, Rice and IFSH campuses also use IIT-Secure, Eduroam and IIT-Connect wireless SSIDs.

MIES Campus Wireless Coverage Map