Guest and Event Access

OTS provides guest wireless access to IIT tenants, IIT supported events, and visitors of the University who are sponsored by faculty, staff, or student of Illinois Institute of Technology. Visitors can self-register on the network by following the process below.

Connecting to the IIT-Connect Wireless Network

IIT-Connect provides internet access to guests and tenants of Illinois Institute of Technology. Login credentials or an access code is required to gain internet connectivity.

  1. Choose IIT-Connect when selecting a wireless network from your device.
  2. Once connected, a login page should automatically load on most devices. Laptops and desktops may need to open a web browser to load the page.
  3. If you have login credentials, skip to step 7. If you do not have login credentials, please proceed to step 4 for self-registration.
  4. Click REGISTER FOR ACCESS HERE, see blue arrow above in step 2.
  5. Fill out required fields on the Registration form. Domestic and international phone numbers are both permitted and must be in international dialing format.

    • Domestic (U.S. and Canada) – e.g., +1.312.555.1234 or +1.312.555.1234

    Please verify your information is correct then click Register.

  6. You will receive a text with your login information.
  7. Enter your login information, read the terms and conditions, check I agree to the terms and conditions and click Get Connected.
  8. Upon successful login you will be redirected to the Illinois Tech website.

If you are unable to login, or have any further issues obtaining guest access please contact the OTS Support Desk at 312-567-3375.


All event requests are routed through IIT Event Services. If you have network specific needs for your event, such as wireless access for your non IIT guests, or wired connectivity at a specific location, that information should be submitted to event services. Event Services can be contacted by your preferred method below.