Project Request Process

Projects are undertakings that are time-bound (have an end), produce a unique output/deliverable that adds value to the university, and are executed under agreed-upon constraints..

Specific to Illinois Tech, Projects Need to:

  1. directly align with one or more of our strategic priorities 

  2. have financial justification (direct or indirect cost savings) that can be measured 

  3. support enterprise and cloud-based technology, where possible  

How Are Projects Conducted?

Project Managers (PMs) use the agile methodology for most projects, which focuses on continuous improvement and expects a certain level of adaptability when it is justified. (An exception is system upgrades, which use a linear waterfall approach where the project timeline, requirements, and deliverables are set at the beginning of the project and do not change.) Regardless of the method, all projects require plans and timelines created and maintained by the project manager. General phases for all projects are as follows: 


  • Analysis
    • The PMO may seek more information about the project request to assess it, such as clarifying a problem statement, understanding requirements, and/or a current state business process analysis, when applicable. 

Project Phases:

  • Initiating
    • A project charter is created. Project requirements and scope are documented, vetted, and approved by stakeholders. Based on the requirements, a potential solution is identified. 
  • Planning
    • Design a solution and determine how project objectives will be met. Create and refine implementation plans, including SMART goals, risk plans, and communication plans. A high-level timeline is created. A project kick-off meeting is then conducted. 
  • Executing
    • Track progress on tasks, conduct testing, implement needed revisions, and move the solution into the final, or production environment. Conduct monitoring and controlling activities, including quality analysis, soliciting project team feedback, and capturing success metrics.
  • Closing
    • Conduct close-out meetings with project team, get feedback, and review warranty period activities. Hand-off future issues to production support team. 

Timing and Preparation

Project requests can be submitted at any time throughout the year. However, it is important that you plan for your project submissions so that we can work with you to create a project timeline that meets your needs. For example, if you want to implement a new system at the beginning of the calendar year, the project needs to be submitted and conducted in the previous year so that there is enough time to plan, test, and implement the work. Please plan accordingly. 

Submit a Project Request!

Project Submission and Selection

Submission Process

Project requests can come from staff or faculty at the managerial level or above through our PMO project request form. (See a list of questions, or "practice form" here: PMO Request Example.) Requests can be submitted at any time throughout the year. PMs will reach out to project requestors to fill in any gaps from the request -- this is within the project analysis phase. For divisions where there are multiple projects submitted, the senior director of the PMO will meet with executive sponsors of those areas (VP/dean level) and ask them to rank projects submitted within their divisions. Then the PMO compiles a list of these prioritized projects to be rated by the Stakeholder Committee. Note that university priorities and/or mandatory strategic initiatives may be automatically selected based on need. These are usually determined by the Provost. 

Selection Process

The PMO sends the compiled prioritized projects to the Stakeholder Committee to review and rank. An average weighted score is calculated from the Stakeholder Committee ratings, using project ranking criteria. Categories are weighted based on importance. When necessary, the PMO will hold a Stakeholder Committee meeting to allow discussion of the initial ratings and any discrepancies. An executive report is presented to the Provost and CIO to confirm which projects the PMO will work on for the upcoming year. The PMO communicates the selected projects to the stakeholders and the Illinois Tech community.