Strategic Envisioning Committee Members

  • Raj Echambadi—President, Illinois Tech
  • Alicia Bunton—President Fellow and Director of the Office of Community Affairs and Outreach Programs
  • Helen Ezenwa—President Fellow and Assistant Dean for External Relations and Career Management, Stuart School of Business

Subcommittee: Big Bets

a. What are the big interdisciplinary bets that we need to make from a research perspective?
b. How do these bets amplify our strengths?
c. How do we hire interdisciplinary faculty?

  • Smriti Anand—Associate Professor, Stuart School of Business
  • Hamid Arastoopour—Henry R. Linden Professor of Engineering and Director, Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research (WISER)
  • Shlomo Argamon—Chair, Department of Computer Science, Professor of Computer Science
  • Jeff Bethke—Interim Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer, Illinois Tech
  • Britt Burton-Freeman—Chair and Professor, Department of Food Science and Nutrition and Director, Center for Nutrition Research
  • Fred Hickernell—Vice Provost for Research, Illinois Tech
  • Ernie Iseminger—Vice President for Advancement, Illinois Tech
  • Nicole Lanute—Assistant to Vice Provost for Research, Illinois Tech
  • David McCormick—President and Director, IIT Research Institute and Professor of Biology
  • Calvin Nobles—Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology and Management
  • Maryam Saleh—Executive Director, Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship
  • Brent Stephens—Provost Fellow and Professor and Chair, Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering

Subcommittee: Digital Illinois Tech

a. How do we choose online programs from within the university?
b. How do we partner with online program managers?
c. What is a model for upskilling/reskilling and lifelong learning?
d. What are guidelines for intellectual property issues with respect to content?

  • Janessa Barbian—Coordinator, Office of Event Services
  • Marc Colwell—Senior Associate Director of Athletics
  • Walter Hazlitt—Interim General Counsel and Secretary, Illinois Tech
  • Cynthia Hood—Associate Chair, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Computing
  • Jamshid Mohammadi—Dean, Graduate College
  • Josh Seigel—Director, Real Estate/Administration/University Tech Park
  • Ophir Trigalo—Vice Provost, Office of Technology Services
  • Liad Wagman—Professor, Stuart School of Business

Subcommittee: Engaging the Talent of the Future

a. What does the future of work look like?
b. How should we recruit diverse talent?
c. How should we think about professional development, as well as training, for staff?
d. How should we think about facilities and sustainability for this emergent world?

  • Carrie Casper—Assistant Vice President, Office of Advancement
  • Carly Kocurek—Provost Fellow and Associate Professor, Department of Humanities
  • Elena Magnus—Academic Program Coordinator, Armour College of Engineering
  • Christine Manuel—Office and Finance Manager, College of Architecture
  • Melissa Munoz-Rush—Business Partner, Office of Human Resources
  • Amit Thomas—Interim Vice President of Human Resources and Talent Management
  • Maria Villalobos Hernandez—Assistant Professor, College of Architecture

Subcommittee: Enrollment Management and Growth Strategy

a. What are the specific details of the “elevate your future” strategy?
b. How do we gain broad-base participation from faculty for enhanced yield?
c. How do we develop processes post-admittance for increased yields and reduced melts?

  • Jeremy Alexis—Clinical Professor, Institute of Design and Vice Provost for Professional and Continuing Education, Illinois Tech
  • Daniel Bliss—Chair, University Faculty Council and Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences
  • Mike Gosz—Vice President for Enrollment and Senior Vice Provost, Illinois Tech
  • Anita Krug—Dean and Professor, Chicago-Kent College of Law
  • Vinika Porwal—STEM Partnership Manager, Illinois Tech
  • Maricela Sanchez—Associate Director for Admissions, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Subcommittee: Organizing Combined Competencies

a. How do we create a university-wide template?
b. What are the appropriate structures and processes for developing academic offerings with combined competencies?
c. How do we incentivize colleges? Budget?

  • John Bilson—Dean, Stuart School of Business
  • Erika Burt—Director of Professional Academic Programs, College of Computing
  • Maurice Dawson—Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology and Management
  • Chris Himes—Dean, Lewis College of Science and Letters
  • Nancy Kim—Professor and Michael Paul Galvin Chair in Entrepreneurship and Applied Legal Technology, Chicago-Kent College of Law
  • Reed Kroloff—Dean, College of Architecture
  • Nick Menhart—Deputy Vice Provost for Accreditation and Academic Initiatives, Illinois Tech
  • Katie Spink—Senior Lecturer, Department of Biology
  • Liad Wagman—Professor, Stuart School of Business
  • Jason Wan—Interim Director, Institute for Food Safety and Health

Subcommittee: Purpose Council

a. Why do we do what we do? The power of why.
b. How do we diffuse the “liberate the power of difference” purpose statement to the university community?
c. How do we communicate to the various communities, including alumni, donor, global, and Board of Trustees?

  • Weslynne Ashton—Associate Professor, Stuart School of Business and Institute of Design
  • Alicia Barnes—Assignment Administrator, Access, Card, and Parking Services
  • Ken Christenson—Dean, Armour College of Engineering
  • Terra Cooney—Operations and Communication Manager, Facilities
  • Todd Diel—Manager of Academic Programs and Initiatives, Department of Food Science and Nutrition
  • Lance Fortnow—Dean, College of Computing
  • Virginia Foster—Assistant Vice President of HEA Compliance and Title IX Compliance Coordinator, Illinois Tech
  • Jess Goode—Vice President for External Affairs, Illinois Tech
  • Yi Han—Head of Research and International Library Services, Paul V. Galvin Library
  • Phil Troyk—Executive Director, Pritzker Institute of Biomedical Science and Engineering and Professor, Armour College of Engineering
  • Devin Savage—Dean of Libraries, Illinois Tech
  • Jia Wang—Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Subcommittee: Strategic Plan Committee

This committee will work alongside the various groups, utilize the thinking from these various groups, and enhance the 2019 strategic plan.

  • Sandra LaPorte—Director of Board Relations and Chief of Staff, Illinois Tech
  • Nick Menhart—Deputy Vice Provost for Accreditation and Academic Initiatives, Illinois Tech
  • Ruth Schmidt—Associate Professor, Institute of Design

Subcommittee: Student Retention/Graduation/Success

a. How do we engage learners in high schools?
b. What experiences should we provide once they get here?
c. How do we tighten the link between education and experiential learning?
d. How do we commit to post-graduation success?

  • Usha Gilmore—Assistant Vice President and Athletics Director
  • Mahesh Krishnamurthy—Academic Director, Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship
  • Eva Kulterman—Associate Dean, College of Architecture
  • Janessa Loren Luvert—Director, Office of Residence Life
  • Melody McCray—Associate Director of Operations, Office of Residence Life
  • Thy Nguyen—Associate Vice President, Career Services and Office of Campus Life
  • Joseph Orgel—Professor, Department of Biology and Department of Biomedical Engineering and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Illinois Tech
  • Jacqueline Russell—Associate Director, Career Services
  • Katie Stetz—Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Illinois Tech
  • Bruce Watts—Vice President for Administration, Illinois Tech