Divvy for Everyone

Divvy Plans: Cycle in Chicago

Are you ready to experience Chicago from a fun and unique perspective? The Chicago Department of Transportation aims to offer all city residents an affordable and accessible transportation option with Divvy. The service has hundreds of rentable bicycles in stations throughout the city. Students can cycle from the shores of Lake Michigan to the entertainment of Chicago's downtown and back to Mies Campus—all without buying a bike. Two options are available for students to use the program at a more affordable rate:

Divvy for Everyone (D4E): Chicago

Divvy for Everyone (D4E) provides qualifying residents with a $5 annual membership. The program also incorporates a cash payment system for those Chicago residents who do not have a debit card, credit card, or prepaid card required for a standard Divvy membership.

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D4E Program Features

  • First year, $5 annual membership
  • Pay with credit, debit, prepaid card, or cash
  • In-person enrollment at Divvy sign-up centers (locations below)
  • Option to keep membership through a local initiatives support corporation (LISC)-supported credit-building program
  • No extra charges for riding an e-bike to/from anywhere in Zone 2


D4E is available to students at any of Chicago’s colleges and universities who qualify for financial aid (merit scholarships, grants, loans, etc.). D4E is also available to Chicago residents aged 16 and older receiving SNAP, WIC, LIHEAP, FAFSA, or public housing assistance. 

For in-person sign-ups only: you can show your financial aid award letter or proof of annual household income at or below 300 percent of the federal poverty level. Students who have no income also qualify for D4E.

How to Enroll

Apply Online

You can also sign up at any of the Divvy Sign Up Center during our riding season!

The Divvy for Everyone in-person sign-up centers will re-open in May 2022 during the start of our riding season.

If you require assistance with signing up or looking to pay with cash during our off-season, please reach out divvyoutreach@​lyft.​com to make an appointment with one of our outreach team members.

Please plan to bring a state-issued ID and proof of WIC, SNAP, LIHEAP, Medicaid, FAFSA, public housing, or paycheck stub if employed to your confirmed appointment. Individuals with no income are encouraged to apply in person in order to sign an affidavit confirming zero income. Enrollment hours are subject to change—please make an appointment ahead of time before visiting a center.

Divvy Annual Membership 

For our 2022–23 academic year, we have partnered with Divvy for a more affordable bike-share price. All Illinois Tech affiliates, including Vandercook College of Music, are welcome to create an account and use the code “IIT298DIV” to partake in the Chicago area bike-share system.

Ready to ride?

  1. Go to divvybikes.com and “Login” or “Join”
  2. Under “Annual Membership,” click “Join and Save”
  3. Click “Enter” promo code
  4. Enter your promo code “IIT298DIV” in the pop-up and click “Done”
  5. If your program requires email verification, enter your school or work email address and click “Verify” for an email to be sent to complete verification
  6. Once verified, you will see the discounted membership price. Finishing checking out

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Divvy? 
Divvy is Chicago’s bike share system, with hundreds of stations and thousands of bikes available across Chicago and Evanston, Illinois.


How does bike share work?
Bike share is an innovative mode of transportation that allows users to make trips using publicly available bikes. It consists of a fleet of specially designed bikes that are locked into a network of docking stations.


What are my options for riding a Divvy bike? 
We offer a single ride, a daily ride, a yearly membership, and a Divvy For Everyone option.


How much does it cost? 
A single Divvy ride costs $3.30, a day pass of unlimited 45-minute rides costs $15, and our Divvy For Everyone program costs $5 for the first year for unlimited 45-minute rides.


How do I check out a Divvy bike? 
The best way to get a bike is using your bike key, which will be sent in the mail and can be scanned to unlock a bike. You can also unlock a bike through the Divvy or Lyft app; purchase your pass, unlock a bike using a mobile ride code, and be on your way in minutes! If you don't have a smartphone, passes can also be purchased at any Divvy kiosk, found at each station (Kiosks are not located at Divvy e-stations; to check out a bike at an e-station you will have to use the app or a bike key.

How do I know if my bike is docked properly?
When you properly dock a bike, you will see a green light on the dock. If you do not see a green light, that means your trip may still be open and we will continue to charge you for your journey.

To improve availability and keep our streets neat, we’ve installed ebike-only e-stations throughout our service area. Use the e-bike’s locking cable to secure it at an e-station (blue classic bikes can’t be docked here). E-bike parking is free at Divvy stations and e-stations. You may also lock to a public bike rack, sign post, light pole, or retired parking meter within the service area for $2, or for free depending on which zone you are parking inside of the Divvy network.

How long can I keep a bike out?
The first 30 minutes of each ride are included for single rides, while the first 45 minutes of each ride are included for day pass riders, annual members, and Divvy for Everyone members.

*** Riders can keep a bike out for longer, but a usage fee of $0.15/min will be charged after the first 30 or 45 minutes (depending on membership type). ***

What is Divvy for Everyone? 
The Divvy for Everyone (D4E) program provides qualifying Chicago residents an affordable and accessible Divvy membership option.


Who qualifies for Divvy for Everyone (D4E) and much does it cost? 
Divvy for Everyone (D4E) is available to Chicago residents age 16 and older with an annual household income within a predetermined range; to any residents on SNAP, WIC, LIHEAP, or public housing assistance; or any students who receive financial aid. D4E-eligible residents pay a one-time $5 annual membership fee for the first year of unlimited 45-minute rides.

How many trips does my D4E membership include?
During your one-year D4E membership, you’ll get an unlimited number of 45-minute (or less) trips 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. 


As a D4E member, how long can I take a bike out?
Members are technically permitted to check out a bike for up to 24 hours; however, usage fees will be applied after the first 45 minutes (please see the table below for an explanation of usage fees). If your Divvy bike has not been returned and correctly docked at a station after 24 hours, the bike is considered stolen, your membership will be revoked, and a police report will be filed. 
0–45 minutes: Free with membership 
Each additional 30 minutes: $0.15/min                    
Are the first 45 minutes always free?
Yes. As a D4E member, the first 45 minutes of every trip are free. Trips that last longer than 45 minutes will incur usage fees. A trip ends when a bike is securely returned back to a Divvy station. You may take as many trips as you want during your membership period.
Will my D4E membership automatically be renewed upon expiration? 
No. The $5 D4E membership is only good for one year. If you wish to continue using the Divvy system after your D4E membership expires, you can transition to a paid membership with a special discount. To take advantage of the offer, you must take action via email or United States mail correspondence that you will receive about 30 days prior to the expiration of your membership.

Additional assistance with credit-building programs and financial empowerment is also available at the financial opportunity center where you enrolled in D4E.

Divvy for Everyone currently has a tiered membership cost of $5 the first year, $25 the second year, $50 for the third year, and a cap at $75 a year for any year past the fourth year.

Visit Divvy FAQs for more general questions.