Building a Dream Career in High-Rise Structural Design

Zachary Haney (Architectural Engineering/M.E. Structural Engineering 4th Year) was drawn to Illinois Tech because of the many growth opportunities the university offered him. After receiving the Camras Scholarship, Zachary was grateful to be at a school that rewarded him for his leadership abilities, academic pursuits, and service to the community.

He currently works at Thornton Tomasetti, within the department that specializes in high-rise structural design projects. Zachary says, “I’m very excited to be working on a few skyscrapers going up in Chicago, which has been my dream since I began my career.”

As president of the ASCE-Illinois Tech student chapter, Zachary is on track to increase his student chapter’s annual national score by more than 50 percent compared to the previous year. That year, he raised more than $12,000 for the chapter in his term as fundraising chair.

Zachary has also been selected by the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Society Awards Committee as a recipient of its prestigious 2019 Lawrence W. and Francis W. Cox Scholarship.

He adds, “I cannot thank Illinois Tech enough for supporting me in my professional career, especially for the resources the CAEE department has offered me.”

Zachary would also like to thank the people who have helped him realize his dreams along the way, especially Patricia Haney, his mother.

In addition to his academic and career pursuits, Zachary continues to give back to the community as an Eagle Scout. He also enjoys drumming and juggling in his free time. 

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