Camras Scholars Program

Deadline: November 15
No separate application required.

Illinois Tech's Camras scholars program is looking for who's next. Named for Marvin Camras (EE ’40, M.S. ’42), a pioneer in magnetic recording technology, Camras scholars have solved age-old problems in structural engineering, developed novel methods for improving campus life, and increased the overall academic ethic and social ethic of their fellow students. The group's mission is to help its members achieve their personal and professional goals, while promoting excellence in groundbreaking and innovative research, social and entrepreneurial leadership, and service to the Illinois Tech community and the world as a whole. Of all students who apply to Illinois Tech, less than 1 percent are selected to be Camras Scholars.

The interprofessional spirit at Illinois Tech makes for more than just good engineers, scientists, architects, and others. It challenges our students to go beyond their fields of study and see the rest of the world—and the Camras scholars are no exception.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Full-tuition based on the tuition rates of the student's first year. The same amount is awarded each consecutive year and does not cover the cost of a tuition increase. Students are eligible for up to four years of undergraduate tuition; five years if the student is in the architecture program.
  • Camras Scholars are expected to make meaningful contributions to the campus and the Illinois Tech community in three focus areas we call the Camras Pillars: service, leadership, and professional development and research.

How to Apply

  • Camras scholars candidates must submit their completed application (including transcripts and official test scores) to Illinois Tech by November 15 to be considered for this scholarship. Application is non-binding.
  • No additional scholarship application is necessary. If an applicant is selected as a finalist for the Camras Scholarship, they will be informed in late December.
  • Candidates who are selected as finalists are required to participate in a round table discussion with a member of the faculty and other finalists in February.

Application Timeline

November 15 Students must submit their completed Common Application along with test scores (optional), transcripts, and one letter of recommendation
Late December Camras semi-finalists are notified and invited to participate in a virtual roundtable discussion taking place in early February
Early February Camras semi-finalists will participate in a virtual roundtable discussion group, led by Illinois Tech faculty
Late February Camras Scholarship recipients will be notified of their selection
May 1 Decision deadline to accept Camras Scholarship and confirm enrollment to Illinois Tech

Roundtable Discussion Details

Students will be placed into small groups (5-7 students) separated by major.  (Majors with lower numbers may need to be combined into a common theme.)  

A two-part interview will take place:

  • Part 1: Leadership questions—Students will be asked questions about their own personal philosophy of leadership, lessons they've learned about leadership from past experiences, and ways they hope to contribute to Illinois Tech as campus leaders.
  • Part 2: Major-related discussion—Students will engage in a discussion about current topics/issues related to their academic majors.  This portion is designed by Illinois Tech faculty and students are notified of their discussion topics ahead of time to allow them to prepare.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Satisfy very high selection standards and demonstrate outstanding academics, involvement in extracurricular activities, and dedication to leadership
  • Be a full-time student
  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident (Dreamer friendly)

Additional Information

The Camras Scholarship cannot be combined with other Illinois Tech merit scholarships such as Elevate, Heald, FIRST Robotics, VEX Robotics, Duchossois, Crown, Leadership Academy, Chicago Police and Fire, Collens, and more. If a student earns multiple Illinois Tech merit scholarships throughout the admission process, the university will award the highest merit award for which the student is qualified but will not combine multiple awards.

The Camras Scholarship covers tuition costs for the bachelor's degree program only. If a student chooses to pursue an accelerated master's degree at Illinois Tech, they can apply their original Heald Scholarship award towards their tuition for graduate-level courses at the undergraduate tuition rate.

If you are awarded the Camras Scholarship and the Illinois MAP Grant: The Camras Scholarship is restricted to tuition charges only and the Illinois MAP Grant is restricted to tuition and mandatory fee charges. For this reason, the total of the two awards cannot exceed the total of tuition charges, activity fees, and student service fees. Moreover, the Camras Scholarship cannot exceed the total value of tuition charges from the first year the scholar attends Illinois Tech.