Camras Scholars

Camras Scholars

The mission of the Camras scholars is to help our members achieve their personal and professional goals, while also promoting excellence in groundbreaking and innovative research, social and entrepreneurial leadership, and service to the Illinois Tech community and the world as a whole

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Illinois Tech’s Camras scholars program is looking for who’s next. Named for Marvin Camras (EE ’40, M.S. ’42), a pioneer in magnetic recording technology, Camras scholars have solved age-old problems in structural engineering, developed novel methods for improving campus life, and increased the overall academic ethic and social ethic of their fellow students.

Of all the students who apply to Illinois Tech, less than 1 percent are selected to be Camras scholars.

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The Camras Pillars

The Camras Pillars LEAD

Camras scholars are leaders in the student body at Illinois Tech through student organizations, in academics, and among their peers.

The Camras Pillars DISCOVER

Camras scholars research and create projects to learn more about the world.

The Camras Pillars SERVE

Camras scholars are expected to take part in serving the Illinois Tech campus and surrounding communities.