Building Skills from Scratch

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Guoxuan Hao says the Illinois Tech data science program grants opportunities to intelligent students without strong backgrounds in data science or analytics to become top data scientists or data engineers. In his experience, the program is excellent for people who want to “change their career and to grow their skills and knowledge literally from scratch.” The program provides an excellent starting point with all the necessary knowledge for entry into the growing field of data science.

Hao received an electrical engineering degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China, and then worked for SAP as a business intelligence specialist before joining the Illinois Tech Master of Data Science program in 2015.

“The curriculum was rigorous and well designed,” Hao says. “I was able to build up my foundation of knowledge from entry level courses to high-level courses.”

Hao specifically praised the assistance he received from Program Director Shlomo Argamon and Associate Director Lulu Kang in guiding him on the proper career path. Their mentorship afforded him the opportunity to work with CCC Information Services during his practicum, gave him ample instruction on statistics and analytics, and provided strong references that helped him land his current position.

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