Discovering History, Preparing for Law

Brandon Holifield is not wasting any time. Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he was recruited to Illinois Tech for baseball. Now, he is enrolled in the Dual Admission Honors Law program, allowing him to complete both a bachelor’s in humanities and law degree in just six years.

“In high school I knew I wanted to play college baseball,” he says. “But a college baseball career would only last four years and a career would last much longer. It’s important to go somewhere that’ll set you up to be successful after graduation, and Illinois Tech will do just that.”

Holifield says he chose Illinois Tech for its “perfect balance of size, reputation, and location.” His specialization is history, which he thinks will serve him well in law school.

“The program is small, so all my professors know my name,” he says. “Also, the humanities program has a lot of room for electives, so you’re free to choose the classes you want!”

Holifield aims to practice law and someday open his own firm in Chicago.

“I hope to one day use a law degree to stand up for what’s right,” he says. “Whether it’s a person or an idea, everyone deserves fair representation.”