Move Over, Einstein

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Cleversafe founder Chris Gladwin tapped Jason Resch as a lead software architect when Gladwin’s then-startup incubated on Illinois Tech’s campus from 2005–07. Cleversafe’s cutting-edge technology appealed to Resch, who built a 50,000-user internet chat service while still a Rhode Island teenager before moving to Chicago for college in 2002. When Cleversafe was acquired by IBM in 2016, Resch stayed on for three years as a senior technical staff member before leaving to give his full-time attention to Global Communications Network, LLC. 

“When I first met Jason in 2005, he came across as a person with a very special intellect and enormous potential,” says Resch’s former supervisor, Gladwin. “Since then, he’s proven himself as not only a brilliant software engineer but also one of the most prolific inventors of his generation.”

In 2015 Resch was recognized with an Outstanding Young Alumnus Award from the Illinois Institute of Technology Alumni Association.