Relevant and Precise Coursework

Mamta Kanvinde received the Master of Data Science in 2016 and to this day still uses notes from coursework to assist in her job tasks. She received a M.S. in computer science in Mumbai, India, before enrolling in the data science program at Illinois Tech. She was intrigued by the wide range of courses offered within the curriculum, particularly in math.

Kanvinde admits that the coursework is rigorous yet rewarding.

"I learned a lot from interesting courses like social network analysis, machine learning, and computational math,” she says.

Kanvinde currently works as a data analytics developer in the energy efficiency sector and applies predictive modeling, data visualization, statistics, and machine learning concepts regularly. She attributes her academic success to Professor Shlomo Argamon for his instruction and study materials in machine learning.

“I still look at his notes sometimes before searching on Google for information on machine learning concepts, as they are precise compared to the vast information on Google,” she says.

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