Skills for Career Success

Manoj Kumar Gaddam chose Illinois Institute of Technology’s Data Science program because the university is one of the top 20 institutions in this field of study and is also a pioneer in adapting data science as a curriculum. “The most exciting part was the culture that the students bring on board,” he says. “I learned a lot from Professor Shlomo Argamon about how to apply for jobs and what to look for in a job so that I can grow in my career.”

Gaddam says his Illinois Tech experience prepared him for a career immediately after graduation.

“I worked for [a company] where I have to do extensive use of Python for data preparation, and Illinois Tech gave me a good foundation for Python. Also, the techniques I learned in public engagement for scientists has helped me to portray my work in a way so everyone can understand.”

Today, Gaddam attributes his career success to his Illinois Tech education.

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