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M.A.S. Artificial Intelligence 1st Year

An internship at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston provided an extraordinary opportunity for Amr Alshatnawi to build new skills and strengthen his values of scholarship, excellence, and service....

(M.S. Electrical Engineering ’15, Ph.D. Computer Engineering Candidate)

Xin Zhang first joined Illinois Institute of Technology as a master’s student, receiving his degree in 2015. He says the main draw was “the prestigious reputation of the engineering programs and the...

(M.S. Electrical Engineering ’21, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering Candidate)

As the recipient of a United States Department of Energy fellowship, Hans Johnson has gained the opportunity to work on cutting-edge quantum computing research at the Fermi National Accelerator...

(Civil Engineering ’69, M.S. Civil Engineering ’71)

When it comes to building Chicago’s famed skyline, there are few people who are more knowledgeable than Bob Johnson. After earning his bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Illinois...


Public Interest Law 2023

While working for a decade as a behavior analyst with students with developmental disabilities in Chicago, Nicole Jansma ’23 came to a discouraging conclusion. “One of the unfortunate realities in a...

(Biomedical Engineering ’13)

Before a sleep and respiratory care device from Philips gets sold, Sally Zheng leads the effort to ensure that all materials used in the device are biocompatible. “As biosafety engineers, we are the...


(Civil Engineering, M.Eng. Structural Engineering 5th Year)

From early on in her time at Illinois Institute of Technology, Jamie Griggs has been involved with the university’s chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). She’s taken on multiple...

Labor and Employment Law '06

Michael Wilder '06 made a living helping companies navigate affirmative action audits. Now the organization that he created provides peer support for Black male attorneys worldwide.


Labor and Employment Law '08

Jessica Muench ’04 says it was tough having national pundits critique the flagship program of the diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy she helped build at United Airlines. For her, that meant the change was real.