Alumni Innovators

Illinois Tech Alumni Innovators—Know Our Change-Makers

Illinois Tech's alumni are the best evidence of our university's high return on investment. Our students graduate with advanced degrees that have significant value in the marketplace. Their success as alumni highlights how our university is making good on its vision to shape the future.

When you graduate you'll join alumni around the world in the get-ahead-and-do-big-things club. And when we say around the world, we mean all 24,901 miles of it. Our alumni are in more than 128 countries and all 50 states.

Whether they be the first-known African American to earn a chemical engineering degree, the inventor of the cell phone, the scientist who discovered manmade CFCs were destroying the ozone layer, or the head scientist for Amazon Alexa, our alumni perpetuate our legacy of excellence.

“I’ve been fortunate in my life, but IIT was one of my luckiest choices. The fundamentals I’ve learned at IIT have been my guiding light in everything I’ve done.”

—Marty Cooper (EE ’50, M.S. ’56), Inventor of the Cell Phone

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