Individual Major Restrictions for Pass/Fail

Below is a list of individual major restrictions for the Pass/Fail policy. If your major is not listed below, only courses completed as Free Electives or extra courses not applying towards any degree requirements can be taken as Pass/Fail. 

Department of Industrial Technology and Management Pass/Fail Policy

For Industrial Technology and Management (INTM), additional restrictions were established, as follows:
1. Undergraduate INTM courses may be taken as Pass/Fail by students who are not majoring or minoring in INTM, as permitted by the university policy and any additional restrictions of the student's major.
2. INTM students may take a maximum of two (2) INTM electives as Pass/Fail, but cannot apply Pass/Fail courses towards a specialization or co-terminal program.
3. INTM students may not take any INTM core courses (major requirements) as Pass/Fail.

Department of Psychology Pass/Fail Policy

Non-majors may take any PSYC course pass/fail (with the exception of PSY204), to be used as permitted by the university policy and any additional restrictions of the student's major.

PSYC/BEHW Majors may take any PSYC course pass/fail (with the exception of PSYC 204) to be used as Free Electives and/or Psych Electives. However, pass/fail courses may *not* be applied for any core requirements for the major (for PSYC/BEHW core requirements, respectively). The maximum number of PSYC Electives that can be taken pass/fail is two. The maximum number of total courses (combined PSYC Electives and Free Electives) that can be taken pass/fail is three.

PSYC Minors, pass/fail courses may apply a maximum of one pass/fail course toward the 15 credits required for any Psych-related Minor (Human Resources, Leadership, Psychology, Rehabilitation Services). Note, students in a Major that requires a Minor (AMAT, CIS, etc.) cannot take a Minor course as pass/fail because the Minor is a degree requirement.

Internal Transfers may apply courses taken pass/fail as Non-Majors to the psychology electives. If core psychology requirements were previously taken pass/fail, these required courses will be waived (the courses don't need to be re-taken); however, the credits must be substituted with Major related courses taken for a letter grade (e.g., additional Psych Electives). Appropriate substitutions will be determined/approved by the faculty advisor.