Understanding the Human Mind

Eligibility Requirements

Rising ninth through 12th graders. To participate in the residential experience, students must be at least 15 years old.


Mies Campus 


Session Six: July 22–26

This session will take place from 10 a.m.–4 p.m.


Residential: $1,500; a $100 deposit is due at the time of registration

Commuter: $650; a $100 deposit is due at the time of registration


Program Description

The psychology summer program is designed for high school students who want a glimpse into how psychology is a science. Learners will get a good idea of what the study of psychology is like at the collegiate level, how it can enhance the learner’s understanding of themselves, and some idea of how it feels to be a therapist. The week is split into five themes: introduction day; multicultural psychology day; psychology research and technology day; introduction to psychotherapy day; and careers and admissions day. During multicultural day, students will learn about the rich Black cultural history of Illinois Tech’s neighborhood, Bronzeville, and the psychology of gentrification and the ways a local organization, Build Bronzeville, combats gentrification by visiting its headquarters, Incubator, as well as Boxville and the community garden. Another day is dedicated to each learner creating and conducting their own research project. Learners also get a chance to roleplay counselor and client on introduction to psychotherapy day. 

Formerly referred to as Psychology in our 2023 programs.

Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate the study of psychology as a science (and an art form)
  • Learn about:
    • Careers in psychology and applications of psychology to other parts of your life
    • Multicultural and ethical issues in clinical psychology
    • Stigma of mental illness and ways to eliminate it

Example Activities

  • An ice cream and gentrification activity
  • A trip to Boxville on 51st Street
  • Conducting a psychology study, analyze the results with Jamovi software, and presenting the research findings to the class
  • Performing counseling microskills on a partner
  • Psychology career panel: hear from an array of different psychology professionals


Madeline Oppenheim, Ph.D. student in rehabilitation counseling education at Illinois Tech


Questions about the application process? Email them to precollege@iit.edu.