Hope Chicago Scholarship

Hope Chicago is a nonprofit organization seeking to reduce economic and social inequity by funding postsecondary scholarships and non-tuition costs for Chicago Public Schools graduates and adult family members eager to return to school and update their skills. The scholarship is funded by Hope Chicago and open to all students who graduate from one of the following partner high schools after having attended 11th and 12th grade at the school:

  • Benito Juárez Community Academy (Pilsen)
  • Farragut Career Academy (Little Village)
  • Noble - Johnson College Prep (Englewood)
  • Al Raby School for Community and Environment (Garfield Park)
  • Morgan Park High School (Morgan Park)

The Hope Chicago Scholarship is part of the Chicago Difference initiative. Hope Scholars who attend Illinois Tech will have access to the same wraparound support provided to Chicago Difference scholars including high school STEM education and mentorship, admissions and supported transition from high school and city colleges, and career placement and development. Further services benefit students during their time at Illinois Tech, addressing key academic readiness and enrichment, as well as financial, safety, community, and belonging elements.

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The Hope Chicago Scholarship covers the costs of any remaining tuition, fees, room, and board after Illinois Tech scholarships and any federal and state grants. Hope Chicago also provides support for a laptop purchase and books, and a stipend for personal and transportation expenses. The Hope Chicago scholarship covers costs for the bachelor’s degree program only. If a student chooses to pursue an accelerated master’s degree at Illinois Tech, they can apply their original Heald Scholarship award toward their tuition for graduate-level courses at the undergraduate tuition rate.

Next Steps and Requirements

Hope Scholars can confirm their enrollment and request a deposit fee waiver by contacting their admission counselor, Moira McAuliffe at mmcauliffe@iit.edu.

Hope Scholars must complete the same checklist requirements as Chicago Difference scholars.

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