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Architectural Engineering (Ph.D.)

Illinois Tech’s Doctor of Philosophy in Architectural Engineering degree is awarded in recognition of a high level of mastery in the field of architectural engineering and upon demonstration of a distinct ability to make substantial creative contributions to knowledge in the field.

The doctoral recipient will be capable of continuing efforts toward advancement of knowledge and achievement in research while pursuing an academic or industrial career. This degree is recommended for those who expect to engage in a professional career in research, teaching, or technical work of an advanced nature focused on the design, construction, and operation of buildings and their systems.

Program Overview

Through state-of-the-art and original research, students are expected to achieve a high level of mastery in the study of buildings and their systems, which should be demonstrated by successful defense of their dissertation and the publication of novel research results in peer-reviewed academic journals.

Applicants are expected to have already obtained both a B.S. and M.S. degree in architectural engineering or a closely related engineering discipline such as civil engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, and others.

Career Opportunities

Our Doctor of Philosophy in Architectural Engineering degree program will prepare you for academic or industrial research careers, such as:

  • Lecturer or professor
  • Staff scientist
  • Senior research engineer

The Doctor of Philosophy in Architectural Engineering program requires a minimum of 84 credit hours beyond the bachelor’s degree, including the master’s degree studies.

Candidates must pass written qualifying and comprehensive examinations and must defend their thesis in an oral exam.

Program requirements are outlined in the graduate course bulletin.

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Please consult the university’s course bulletin for specific details on the course and exam requirements associated with the Doctor of Philosophy in Architectural Engineering program.

Featured Faculty

Brent Stephens
Department Chair Arthur W. Hill Endowed Chair in Sustainability Professor of Architectural Engineering Director of Architectural Engineering Director of Environmental Engineering
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Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering