Biological Engineering (M.A.S.)

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Illinois Tech’s Master of Biological Engineering will prepare students for professional practice in any field of engineering involving heavy emphasis on biological processes. Our biological engineering faculty are pushing the needle toward discovery and innovation in many fields, including diabetes, tissue scaffolding, hydrogels, biomimetic materials, and other specialized areas within this growing discipline.

With a goal of developing effective biology-based technologies, students will learn to design and analyze systems to develop innovative and practical solutions.

Program Overview

Learn to design and analyze biological systems to develop innovative and practical solutions in such areas as diabetes, tissue scaffolding, and biomimetic materials. Gain exposure to biology-based technologies within a growing discipline and collaborate on biochemical and biomedical engineering research.

Career Opportunities

Our graduate biological engineering degree program will prepare you for such careers as:

  • Biomedical engineer
  • Cellular, tissue, and genetic engineer
  • Rehabilitation engineer

The Master of Biological Engineering curriculum prepares students to gain hands-on exposure to biology-based technologies within a growing discipline and to collaborate on both biochemical and biomedical engineering research through specialized courses and state-of-the-art facilities.

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Candidates should have prior technical coursework that will provide proficiency in areas that are relevant to the field of biological engineering.