Electrical Engineering (B.S.)/Computer Engineering (B.S.)

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Illinois Tech’s Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering/Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering dual-degree program contributes to the foundation of the new millennium, where computer hardware and software are used in areas such as telecommunications, power electronics, digital signal processing, computer networks, and control systems.

Our undergraduate electrical engineering curriculum emphasizes both theory and practical applications by providing a solid background in engineering science and mathematics, providing students with an integrated and hands-on approach to understanding complex subjects and finding solutions to challenging technical problems.

The undergraduate computer engineering curriculum prepares students with a firm grasp on how to use computer systems and related technologies, and equips students with the advanced knowledge to pursue graduate study or careers in software engineering and technical programming.

Students in this dual-degree program will be able to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering to identify and solve technical problems.

Program Overview

Students will explore areas within electrical engineering such as communications and signal processing, electronics and electromagnetics, and power and control systems. They will also gain a strong foundation in the areas of computer hardware design, computer networks, and software engineering.

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering/Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering dual-degree program will prepare you for such careers as:

  • Senior network engineer
  • Systems architect
  • High-performance computing engineer

Program requirements are outlined in the undergraduate course bulletins.

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Admission requirements are the same as those for admission to the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering programs.