Information Technology and Management (B.A.C.)/Communication: Journalism of Technology and Business (B.S.)

Earn bachelor’s degrees in both information technology management and communication: journalism of technology and business through this new dual degree program.

The newly-launched Information Technology Management (B.A.C.)/Communication: Journalism of Technology and Business (B.S.) dual degree helps students hone expertise in two complementary fields of study, leading to expanded career possibilities. Graduates of this program will possess both a strong knowledge of information technologies and the skills needed to effectively communicate that proficiency.

Coursework in information technology and management helps students expand their understanding of new and emerging information technologies, the application and integration of these technologies, and the administrative practices used in the effective management of these technologies. The Communication: Journalism of Technology and Business curriculum, meanwhile, helps students advance their communications expertise while also placing emphasis on journalism of technology and business.

Specializations within Information Technology and Management include: 

Program Overview

Gain hands-on, practical experience working with new and emerging information technologies while also developing the writing and editing skills you need to stand out as a subject matter expert in technology.

Career Opportunities

  • Data analyst
  • Digital system architect
  • Information systems manager
  • Information systems and technology manager
  • Business systems analyst
  • Voice/data system analyst
  • Software developer
  • Mobile application developer
  • Systems administrator
  • Web applications developer
  • Web design and development
  • Technical writing and editing
  • Information architecture
  • Computing and technology reporter
  • Computer industry conference / event organizer 
  • Computer industry conference / event coordinator
  • Science reporter
  • Business reporter


Admission to Illinois Tech is required. Previous coursework or experience in technology is helpful but not required.