Information Technology and Management (Minor)

The Minor in Information Technology and Management curriculum is a blend of theoretical content and practical application with projects and laboratory-based instruction in which students learn via hands-on experiences. The information technology and management program is designed to broaden and deepen a student's knowledge of new and emerging information technologies, the application and integration of these technologies, and the administrative practices used in the effective management of these technologies.

Minors may be combined with a major from another program and consist of at least five courses (a minimum of 15 semester hours).

The Minor in Information Technology and Management provides a coherent set of ideas, concepts, and educational experiences in a variety of areas, so students may find that it will enhance potential for professional development and can prepare students to enter the Master of Information Technology and Management or Master of Cyber Forensics and Security programs.

Program Overview

Students in the Minor in Information Technology and Management program will learn about technology within the information technology field, policies, and issues with the design and administration of a computer network.

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