U-Pass Replacement, Rules and Regulations

Handle your card carefully. There is a replacement fee if your card stops working as a result of abuse

  • Only you can use your U-Pass. You cannot share or sell your U-pass. If this rule is violated and your UPass is confiscated your UPass privileges will be canceled by CTA for a full year. You will still have to pay the mandatory UPass fee and will also need to pay the CTA confiscated UPass charge (Confiscated UPASS Replacement Fee).
  • If your card stops working you will need to go to the Ventra Customer Service Center at 567 W. Lake St. They will give you a form stating that your card is damaged and a 7-day ticket. Once you submit the form to the Access Card and Parking Services Office and pay the $5 duplicate card charge (Damaged UPASS Fee) a new card will be ordered.
  • If you drop below full time during the semester, you must notify ACAPS (acaps@iit.edu) immediately. Failure to do so may result in you not being allowed to activate your next semester's UPass until after the add/drop date. A second violation will result in the permanent cancellation of your current Ventra card. Once your Ventra card is canceled it will cost $50 to obtain a new one.
  • If your U-Pass is lost or stolen please submit your request for a new card online. The cost to replace a lost/stolen U-Pass card is $50.00 (non-refundable). Once you order a replacement, the order cannot be canceled. Please be sure that your UPass is lost before submitting an order for a replacement. Lost/Stolen UPASS Replacement.