Spring and Fall 2023 Test Waiver FAQs


1. Why has Illinois Institute of Technology waived the testing requirements for spring and fall 2023 applicants?

Due to the global impact that the novel coronavirus has had on testing centers, Illinois Tech has decided to waive the test requirement for spring and fall 2023 applicants. This waiver will apply to all master’s programs.

2. Which tests have been waived?

GRE/GMAT: The test requirement for the GRE/GMAT has been waived for all master’s programs for the spring and fall 2023 terms.

3. What graduate programs does the test score waiver apply to?

The test waiver will apply for all master’s programs. Applicants to our doctoral programs are still required to submit the appropriate test results.

4. Does the test waiver apply ONLY to international applicants?

No. The test waiver applies to domestic and international applicants who seek admission to our graduate programs for the spring and fall 2023 terms. 

5. I have already started/submitted my application for the spring or fall 2023 term. Do I still need to provide my test scores?

No. Current applications will have the test requirement waived, and applicants will receive communication from the Office of Graduate Admission regarding next steps. Applicants who have completed the GRE/GMAT test are urged to provide these scores, as they could be beneficial during the application review process. 

6. Will my test scores be considered if I choose to submit them?

The unique circumstance that this global health crisis has created is an opportunity for applicants to demonstrate their academic ability with or without including a test score. 

If submitted, GRE/GMAT test scores will be taken into consideration as part of our holistic review. If you choose not to submit them, you will not be penalized and will be considered for admission just the same as students who do submit scores. 

7. I have already applied and/or been admitted for spring or fall 2023 term, how does this change in your admission requirement affect me?

This change will have no negative effect on your status. In the case that this change benefits your application, you will be contacted by the Office of Graduate Admission. 

8. I have yet to begin my application for spring or fall 2023. Am I eligible for this test waiver?

Yes. Please take advantage of this rare opportunity and submit your application now.

9. If I still have more questions about this admission requirement, who can I contact?

Please contact the Office of Graduate Admission at either 312.567.3020 or grad.admission@iit.edu.