Alumni Awards

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Completed nominations will be held as active and under consideration for one additional year should they not be selected in the year they are submitted. Nominators are welcome to update nominations in the second year. If a nomination is not selected after two years of eligibility, it will expire. Two years must pass after expiration before a nomination may be re-submitted. Any re-submitted nominations must contain new material.

All Alumni Award recipients are selected by a volunteer sub-committee of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. All winners must be approved by the Illinois Institute of Technology president.

Current staff or faculty of Illinois Institute of Technology are not eligible to win Alumni Awards.

The number of awards bestowed may change from year to year based on the selection committee's votes. If the committee decides there are no qualified candidates in a given category, it may elect to pass on bestowing that award in that particular year.

The selection committee may also elect to change the category of a nomination and consider it for a different category than that in which it was submitted. If the nomination is selected as a winner after changing categories, the nominator will be consulted before the award is finalized in order to verify that the change is appropriate.

Alumni Awards Nomination Form