Frequently Asked Questions

This program is about getting you ready for your career after Illinois Tech, by teaching you the skills and competencies that employers are seeking, giving you an advantage to obtain the job you desire when you graduate.

The benefits include career readiness, leadership skills, DEI knowledge, professional development skills (collaboration, agility, adaptability, critical thinking, problem solving, presentation skills, communications skills, curiosity, resilience, networking, building relationships, professional etiquette, and interviewing), as well as the opportunity to collaborate and learn from industry experts and peers alike.

The program is designed to be completed in one semester, one school year (9 months), or longer.  You can complete it in one semester or 4 years, depending on when you attend the workshops and when you complete the requirements.  To complete the program, you will have attended all the workshops, finalized your resume/LI profile, met with career coaches, documented your experience, and completed the final questionnaire.

This is a comprehensive program with six pillars, getting you ready for your career and building skills you’ll need to be successful.  This includes 10 workshops, finalizing your resume/profile, documenting your project/volunteer experience, meeting with career coaches and proving you’ve learned the skills we’ve set out to teach each student.

It’s a program, not one workshop. For every required workshop, there will be four options to attend throughout the year, virtually and in person. If you miss one offering, there will be three other options. You will not be able to watch a recording for credit. You will have to attend live on Zoom or in person to get credit for each workshop. You can complete any of these pillars later and take a break in between, as long as you complete them prior to graduation.

You can complete it in one semester, one school year, or throughout your time at Illinois Tech. If you don’t complete it, you simply won’t have the advantage over others that do. There will be no consequences to not completing it. If you want to get credit for the program, you will need to complete every aspect of it before you graduate.

For the pilot program in 2023–2024, it will be available for current students and we’ll evaluate alumni participation after May 2024.

We are Scarlet Hawks, and the “C-Suite” is a place that great leaders aspire to be. Whether you want to be a CEO or simply a great teammate, by completing this program you will be building the skills necessary for your career success (the “C”) or the C-Suite.

Neither. The questionnaire is a series of questions created to evaluate your knowledge of professional development skills and how you will apply what you have learned to your career.

Yes, you will get a digital certificate and badge to display on your profiles.