Scarlet C-Suite

Scarlet C-Suite

The Scarlet C-Suite Program is a comprehensive, yearlong program, offered by Career Services. The purpose of the program is to elevate students’ career readiness and success, during and beyond Illinois Tech. It consists of six pillars, including 10 professional development workshops, career coaching, volunteer and project experience, finalized career profiles, and a concluding questionnaire.

Students can work at their own pace, completing these courses in one school year, or throughout their time at Illinois Tech. When the program is completed, students will have the skills and competencies employers desire, and that are needed to reach their career potential and achieve their dreams.

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Program Specifics - 6 Pillars

  • Learning, Knowledge, and Skills: 10 Workshops
  • Career Coaching: Three Coaching Sessions
  • Implementing: Project Experience
  • Giving Back: Volunteer Experience
  • Embracing Technology and Tools: Profile/Resume
  • Integrating and Living it: Questionnaire

Required Workshops

  • The Power of Networking and Business Relationships
  • Know Your Strengths—Using Your Strengths in the Real World
  • What Do I Say? Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Interviewing and Professional Etiquette in the Workplace
  • Curiosity and the Power of Asking Questions
  • Collaborating and Working Effectively With Diverse Teams (DEI)
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Creativity—Taking Initiative
  • Agile and Adaptable—Cultivating a Growth Mindset With Resilience
  • Creating a Successful Resume
  • Creating a Successful LinkedIn Profile

Each workshop is offered four times over the course of the school year to accommodate various student schedules.

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Note the IP or VR (in Person or Virtual) Option 

Stay tuned for the 2024-2025 schedule coming soon!

WorkshopPresenterFall SessionFall SessionSpring SessionSpring Session
The Power of Networking & Business RelationshipsBernie9/7 IP 4pm10/2 VR 12:50pm1/29 IP 12:50pm3/1 VR 12:50pm
Know Your Strengths – Using Your Strengths in the Real WorldJulie9/6 IP 12:50pm9/19 VR 4pm2/21 IP 4pm3/26 VR 12:50pm
Curiosity & The Power of Asking QuestionsJulie9/15 VR 12:50pm10/18 IP 4pm1/25 IP 12:50pm2/28 VR 4pm
Collaborating & Working Effectively with Diverse Teams (DEI)Lisa & Bernie9/20 VR 12:50pm10/13 IP 4pm1/31 VR 12:50pm2/5 IP 4pm
Agile & Adaptable – Cultivating a Growth Mindset with ResilienceJulie11/8 IP 4pm11/16 VR 12:50pm1/19 VR 12:50pm4/9 IP 4pm
Interviewing & Professional Etiquette in the WorkplaceNick 10/5 IP 4pm11/3 VR 12:50pm1/17 VR 12:50pm3/4 IP 4pm
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Creativity – Taking InitiativeCelestine10/27 IP 4pm11/13 VR 12:50pm2/19 IP 12:50pm3/22 VR 12:50pm
What do I say? Communication & Presentation SkillsLisa & Orgs10/12 VR 12:50pm11/1 IP 4:00pm1/24 VR 12:50pm4/4 IP 4:00pm

*This comprehensive program is designed to teach you to apply new professional development skills to your career journey. In keeping with our vision to model career success and expectations in your future professional endeavors, we expect you to be on time and participate in all activities and program requirements. If you are more than 10 minutes late to any workshop, you will not be able to participate and will be asked to register for another session.