1. In Course Navigation, click the Rubrics link.
  2. Click the Add Rubric button.
  3. In the Title field, add a title for the rubric. This title identifies the rubric so it can be easily associated with an assignment, graded discussion, or quiz.
  4. Enter a description for the criterion in the Description field.
  5. By default, rubric ratings are created as individual point values. If you want to create a point range instead, click the Range checkbox. Ranges allow you to assign a rating for a range of point options instead of just one point value.
  6. If you want to adjust the total point value of the criterion, enter the number of points in the Points field. The first rating (full marks) updates to the new total point value and any incremental ratings adjust appropriately.
  7. To add a new rating for the criterion, click the Add icon.
  8. In the Rating Title field, enter a title for the rating.
  9. In the Rating Description field, enter a description for the rating.
  10. Click the Update Rubric button.


  • To edit a rating, click the Edit icon. Editing a specific rating value affects the full point value for the criterion. If you adjust the point value of a rating, the value of all ratings will adjust and create the updated point value for the criterion.
  • To delete a rating, click the rating's Delete icon. Note that you cannot delete the first and last rating for the criterion.
  • To delete the entire criterion, click the criterion Delete icon.
  • To add another criterion, click the Add Criterion link. To create a new criterion, click the New Criterion option. To duplicate an existing criterion, click the name of the criterion you want to duplicate.
  • To find an outcome to align with the rubric, click the Find Outcome link.
  1. Click the Create Rubric button.

Note: To edit the rubric, click the Edit icon. To delete the rubric, click the Delete icon.

Note: Deleting a rubric will completely remove the rubric from the available rubrics listed in any of your courses. Deleting a rubric cannot be undone.