Making a Referral

Illinois Tech acknowledges that during a student's college experiences, they are instances where our students will express issues sometimes within and outside of their concern. These issues can be academic, based on overwhelming personal circumstances,  disruptions in their education, and illnesses. These stressors can impact a student’s educational experience. We encourage all students, faculty, and staff to understand the resources that are available at Illinois Tech. As a student, staff, and/or faculty member, you can let the university know when you are concerned about a student’s well-being.

If you would like to report a concern about a student’s well-being, there are multiple ways to let the Student Support Team know about your concern. Two ways that you can have the student reach out to a student is to:

Submit a Care Referral

The Care Referral supports the Illinois Tech community in making a referral to the Cares team within the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs & Dean of Students. 

If you have concerns about a student or situation but are unsure how to respond or who to contact, please complete this form. The information that you provide can assist us with providing the student with necessary resources. If this is an emergency, please contact 911 or the Department of Public Safety at 1-312-808-6363. 

Care Reports are typically processed by team members within 72 business hours. 

*Did you know there is a Care Hub available to you? This plan can provide you with support 24 hours a day. Please give them a call at 866.349.5575 or Text "Hello" to 61295


Submit an Incident Report

Incident Reports are reports that are made by a student, faculty, staff, and or community member concerned about an Illinois Tech community member, information about a possible violation of the Student Code of Conduct, or a possible case of sexual misconduct.

Email: Contact the Office of Student Affairs at

What to Report

When making a referral there is information that would be important for the Office of Student Affairs to understand to appropriately respond to the report. If you believe this incident represents an immediate threat or danger please call 911 or contact Public Safety at 312.808.6363.

File an Incident Report