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Finance Training Overview

Chart of Accounts

The Chart of Accounts consists of 4 elements - Fund, Organization, Account and Program (the FOAP).

  • Fund: Funds segregate autonomous pieces of business from general university operations. General university business is conducted in fund 100000. 
  • Organization (Org): Org codes attribute items to specific departments or units. 
  • Account: Account codes designate the type of transaction that is being conducted. 
  • Program: Program codes specify the function to which the transaction relates 

Guide to Chart of Accounts and other Codes

Introduction to the Illinois Tech Chart of Accounts Presentation Recording

Finance System Access

The Finance Access Form grants access to Banner SSB, Banner INB, Cognos Reporting and ePrint Report Repository

Finance Access Form

Banner SSB (Self Service Banner)

Banner SSB allows you to perform a limited set of functions and access certain information through the myIIT portal. Common functions performed in Self-Service
Banner include basic budget, encumbrance and payroll queries, document
approval, and budget and cost transfers.

Complete Ellucian SSB Finance Guide

Guide to Navigating SSB

Submitting Budget Transfers in SSB

Submitting Cost Transfers in SSB

Financial Reporting

Self Service Banner for Sponsored Projects 082923

Banner training video: Viewing Fund Balances and Budgets

Banner FRIGITD Grant Inception to Date 082923

Self Service Banner Payroll Expense Detail Report

University Reporting Dashboard User Guide

Banner Budget to Actual and Labor Distribution reports archived monthly.

Monthly Distributed Financial Reports

Reports run by the Controller's Office and emailed to financial managers monthly. To change the designated recipient for your department contact the Controller's Office

Time and Effort Reporting

Time and Effort Reporting Manual

Web Time Entry

Employee Time Entry and Time Approval

Questions or concerns about Web Time entry submissions and approvals should be directed to