Download the forms associated with the Controller's Office Policies and Procedures from the list below. Not all forms are maintained by the Controller's Office. If you have questions about how to fill out the forms, please contact the office that manages the form.

Human Resources

Form NameManaged By
Payroll Authorization FormHuman Resources

Accounts Payable

Form NameManaged By
ALL Accounts Payable related forms and information are now located on the new Procurement Services website.Procurement Services


Form NameManaged By
Budget Change FormFinance | Budget

Student Accounting

Form NameManaged By
Tuition Deferment FormStudent Accounting
Tuition Refund Approval FormStudent Accounting
Detail Code Request FormStudent Accounting

General Accounting

Form NameManaged By
Banner Finance Security FormGeneral Accounting
Capital Project Proposal FormGeneral Accounting
Disposal / Transfer / Sale of Equipment FormGeneral Accounting
Equipment Acquisition RequestGeneral Accounting
FUPLOAD Journal VoucherGeneral Accounting
Journal Entry FormGeneral Accounting
Incentive Card Sign Off FormGeneral Accounting
Moving ExpensesGeneral Accounting
New Fund RequestGeneral Accounting
New Org, Account, or Program RequestGeneral Accounting
Project Close Out FormGeneral Accounting
Recharge Center FormGeneral Accounting
International Travel Request FormGeneral Accounting
Understanding of Taxability FormGeneral Accounting

Grant and Contract

Form NameManaged By
Advanced Expenditure AuthorizationGrant / Contract Accounting
Reallocation Form Bi-weekly and Monthly SalaryGrant / Contract Accounting
Cost Transfer FormGrant / Contract Accounting


Form NameManaged By
Address Change FormPayroll
Direct Deposit AuthorizationPayroll
Direct Deposit Authorization InstructionsPayroll
Duplicate W2 RequestPayroll
Timesheet Adjustment Time In/Time OutPayroll
Timesheet Adjustment ExemptPayroll
Timesheet Adjustment Non ExemptPayroll
Stop Payment RequestPayroll
Request for Payroll RedistributionPayroll


Form NameManaged By
ALL Purchasing related forms and information are now located on the new Procurement Services website.Procurement Services

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Link to government related forms and resources

Illinois W-4 Form

Federal W-4