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Payroll Office

The Payroll Department strives to pay all internal and external customers (students, faculty, staff and governmental agencies) in an accurate and timely manner and to treat each pay check as if it were our own.

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Corrected Form W-2cs for some staff members were reissued in calendar year 2020. Please visit our FAQ page for more information about this form. 

Instructions on how to access your corrected Form W-2c are here

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Payroll Office Responsibilities

The Payroll Office responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Validation of all Payroll Authorization info entered into the Banner system. 
  • Graduate stipend validation and processing
  • Maintenance of the timesheet system, including approvers, proxies, and superusers
  • Timesheet processing and adjustments.
  •  Contact Departments for approval of electronic timesheets not in “completed” status prior to payroll finalization.
  • Input of Direct Deposit Authorization Forms.
  • Input of all W-4 info
  • Maintain employee addresses.
  • Produce payments, including direct deposits and checks. 
  • Void checks, Stop pay, and reissue lost paychecks.
  • Completion of Employment Verification Forms (VOEs).
  • The input of Wage Withholding Orders (i.e., garnishments, tax levies, child support, and bankruptcy) and full processing of wage withholdings to forward funds. 
  • Production of pay stubs containing year-to-date figures upon employee requests.
  • Prepare tax deposit payments.
  • Preparation and distribution of annual W-2s and 1042s; generation of corrected and/or duplicate W-2s/1042s upon request.
  • Preparation and filing of quarterly Federal and State tax returns.
  • Serve our customers by answering questions to help people understand their payroll information.

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