W-2 FAQs

Step by step instructions for reprinting a corrected Form W-2c are here

No. A blank box on a corrected Form W-2c means that no correction has been made to that box and you should report the number provided on your original Form W-2. A blank box on a corrected Form W-2c does NOT mean 0.00. 

Yes. If you did not sign up for electronic delivery or have left the University, your tax forms will always be mailed to you. Please be sure that the University has updated address information for you. If you have access to the myIIT portal you can also print your forms anytime.

You will need both your original Form W-2 and the corrected Form W-2c to file your taxes. That is because your corrected Form W-2c only contains information in boxes where a correction has been made. Boxes that are blank on the corrected Form W-2c indicate places where no correction has been made, and so the number should be reported from your original Form W-2.

The error on your original Form W-2 in 2020 was that taxable income related to your life insurance benefit was overstated. That means that for most, the correction will impact Box 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 12C. Depending on your individual tax situation, this issue may not impact all of these boxes for you. Your February 12, 2021 paycheck may also contain a small additional deposit which represents the amount that was over-withheld for Social Security and Medicare taxes in 2020 based on overstated gross income.