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Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) Processes

Payroll and Human Resources are actively collaborating to rollout a series of EPAFs via Banner Self Service that will eventually replace the current paper/PDF Payroll Authorization (PA) Form below. 

Labor Distribution, Job Change, and Supervisor Change EPAFs for Grant/3-Fund and Non-Grant Fund salary allocations, salary adjustments, title changes, supervisor and timesheet approver changes are already live with additional EPAFs being developed over the next few months. 

Please complete the EPAF Functionality Request Form if you need to gain access to new EPAFs as an originator or approver. 

Step-by-step user guide for each of the active EPAFs are linked below.  

Labor Distribution EPAF - use this EPAF when all you need to change is the FOAP distribution information on an existing position at the same salary level starting in a payroll period in the future. 

Job Change EPAF - use this EPAF when you need to adjust the salary level (increase or decrease) and/or change the job title of an existing position starting in a future payroll period. For example, promotion, one-time merit increases, title change. You can also change the FOAP distribution with this EPAF if and only if FOAP is also changing at the same time as the salary and/or title change.

Supervisor Change EPAF - use this EPAF when you need to change the permanent manager/supervisor and/or the timesheet approver for an individual in an existing position starting in a future payroll period.

EPAF Approvers - approval for all EPAFs follows the same process.

If you need to gain access to initiate/originate Labor Distribution EPAFs, or have any EPAF related questions, please contact George Lara or Sue Parpart.

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