Procurement Forms

Name of form/documentPurpose / Description of the FormHosted By
Purchasing Related Forms and Documents
Sole Source JustificationNeed to complete for any requisition of $10K or more for a sole source purchase, where it was impossible to gather 3 quotes / bids.Procurement Services
Independent Contractor QuestionnaireNeed to complete if hiring an independent contractor. Procurement Services
Justification for Temporary EmployeeTo use to justify the need for a temporary employee; department needs to complete and send to budget and HR for approval and authorization.Procurement Services
Job Description QuestionnaireTo use to summarize the major purpose of the job and responsibilities for the temporary employee needed by the department. Must be included with the above Justification for Temporary Employee form.Procurement Services
Contract Related Forms and Documents
Artist AgreementFor use when requisitioning performances or artist services.Procurement Services
Bus RiderFor use when requisitioning any transportation services, such as charter buses, regardless of dollar amount.Procurement Services
Catering RiderFor use when requisitioning catering services, regardless of dollar amount.Procurement Services
Rider to Contract for Hire ServicesFor use when hiring from a Temporary Agency, regardless of dollar amount.Procurement Services
Agreement for consulting Services (Non-Sponsored Research Related)For use when retaining a third party to render services to Illinois Tech and the services to be rendered do not relate to a project funded pursuant to a sponsored award or grant. Requires issuance of a purchase order number from Illinois Tech Purchasing prior to execution. Can only be signed by Deans or above, or the Director of Procurement Services. A contract needs to be in place for professional / consulting services regardless of dollar amount.General Counsel
Agreement for Consulting Services (Sponsored Research Related)For use when retaining a third party to render services to Illinois Tech and the services to be rendered will be funded pursuant to a sponsored award or grant. Must be processed through and issued by the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSRP). Contact OSRP for assistance.General Counsel
Vendor Related Forms and Documents
Condition of PurchaseIllinois Tech's standard purchasing terms and conditions.Procurement Services
Debarment CertificateFor use by vendors to certify that they are not on the Federal debarment list and are qualified to do business with Illinois Tech.Procurement Services
Insurance Letter to ContractorVendor Certificate of Insurance (COI) request letter indicating General Council's specific language that need to be included in the COI.Procurement Services
Vendor Payment Terms and FOBIllinois Tech's standard vendor payment terms and FOB shipping terms. 
W9 Identification Number and Certification RequestSample of vendor W-9 request form.Procurement Services
Accounts Payable Related Forms
Request for Wire TransferFor use to request payment by wire transfer to international vendors. Request for Wire Transfer must be initiated as a Buy It requisition, and this form must be completed, signed, and uploaded to the Buy It requisition along with a valid invoice and any supporting documents.Procurement Services
Travel and Expense Reimbursement Forms
Direct Deposit AuthorizationThis form permits AP to issue expense reimbursement payments via direct deposit rather than a check paymentPayroll
Travel and Expense Direct Deposit DeclarationFor use to opt-out of direct deposit for travel & expense reimbursementProcurement Services
Travel and Business Expense Non-Compliance NoticeYour Travel and Expense report will be returned to you along with this form indicating specific items that needs to be addressed if it is found not to be in compliance with Illinois Tech's Travel Policy.Procurement Services
International Advanced Travel RequestTravel Request Form required for all international trips for university business purpose, must be submitted as part of the T&E Reimbursement packet.Controller's Office
Procurement Card (P-Card) Related Forms and Documents
Application for Procurement card (PCard)To use for applying for a new Procurement Card.Procurement Services
PCard Credit Limit Increase Request FormRequest for PCard Limit IncreaseProcurement Services
Cardholder AgreementAgreement signed by each Procurement Card holders to indicate that they understand and will comply with Illinois Tech policies and procedures.Procurement Services
Missing Receipt AffidavitTo use for when a required receipt for a P-Card transaction is missing.Procurement Services
PNC Visa PCard Billing Inquiry/Dispute FormTo use for disputing charges on the Procurement Card statement not made by the card holder.Procurement Services
Illinois Tech Sales Tax Exemption LetterPresent to receive exemption from state sales tax.Controller's Office
Eligible cardholders must review before being issued a PCardProcurement Services