Fouad Teymour

  • S.C. Johnson Professor of Chemical Engineering
  • Director of the Center for Complex Systems and Dynamics


Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin, Madison (Chemical Engineering, 1989)
M.S. from Cairo University, Egypt (Chemical Engineering, 1982)
B.S. from Cairo University, Egypt (Chemical Engineering, 1979)

Research Interests

Professor Teymour's research interests are in the areas of polymer reaction engineering, mathematical modeling, and nonlinear dynamics. His present research activities in these areas are:

Polymer Reaction Engineering and Mathematical Modeling

His research in the area of polymer reaction engineering is aimed at improving polymer properties and polymerization processes through the fundamental understanding gained from the coupling of mathematical modeling and experimental validation. Professor Teymour's current research areas in this field focus on the molecular weight distribution characteristics for polymerization systems subject to long chain branching and/or crosslinking. These systems, which can result in gel formation, pose a two-faceted problem involving not only polymerization process issues, but also polymer product quality concerns. He also conducts research in the areas of interfacial polycondensation for both microencapsulation and polymer membrane production, electropolymerization fundamentals, and polymer applications in fuel cells.

Nonlinear Dynamics

In the area of nonlinear dynamics, Professor Teymour's research is aimed at understanding and analyzing the complex phenomena of dynamic systems behavior. This is mainly applied to chemically reacting systems from the fields of polymerization, catalysis, and biochemical and enzymatic reactions. His research is concerned with such phenomena as steady state multiplicity, limit cycle behavior, deterministic chaotic behavior, and complex oscillations.


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