Illinois Tech Esports’ mission is to engage the community in casual and competitive gaming. We strive to create experiences dedicated to the player, and aim to provide value for both gamers and our sponsors. Whether competing in high-level tournaments or a casual LAN party, our goal is to create a space for everyone to connect through gaming.


Originally formed in 2013, Illinois Tech Esports (formerly known as Scarlet League) is an established non-profit collegiate esports organization that has quickly grown to be seen as a regional leader for its community focused, high-quality events. What started out as small gatherings for multiple competitive games, such as Super Smash and League of Legends, developed into a club that provides events for the whole community to participate in.

Today, the organization has competitive teams across multiple games, provides large scale in-person tournaments, and social gatherings throughout the year. Teams play against other institutions across North America and have the opportunity to travel for live events and competitions. Our humble beginnings of dorm room meetups have expanded to a robust Discord server with over 500 active participants and daily evening practices in our esports center. For an overview of how we came to fruition, please take the time to read our initial 2018 implementation plan.

Meet the Crew

Game Leads

First name Last name Email Position
Isaac Vongphit ivongphit@hawk.iit.edu Apex Legends Lead
Gregory Bonnema gbonnema@hawk.iit.edu CSGO Lead
Ryan Lusk rlusk1@hawk.iit.edu Dota2 Lead
Erik Cordoba ecordoba@hawk.iit.edu Hearthstone Lead
Juan Bohorquez jbohorquez@hawk.iit.edu League of Legends Lead
Sera Stairs sstairs@hawk.iit.edu Overwatch Lead
Jake Black jblack6@hawk.iit.edu Rainbow Six Siege Lead
Deimantas Gilys dgilys@hawk.iit.edu Rocket League Lead
Jackson Lapp jlapp@hawk.iit.edu Smash Lead
Matthew Lee mlee68@hawk.iit.edu Starcraft Lead
George Stock gstock@hawk.iit.edu Valorant Lead
Adam Sundquist asundquist@hawk.iit.edu World of Warcraft Lead

Game Staff

First name Last name Email Position
Pavan Sistla ssistla2@hawk.iit.edu OW Coach
Jackson Johar jjohar@hawk.iit.edu CSGO Coach

Events/Content Team

First name Last name Email Position
Matthew Gombar mgombar@hawk.iit.edu  
Norina Balderas nbalderas1@hawk.iit.edu  
Nicholas Bledsoe nbledsoe@hawk.iit.edu Designer

Board Management

First name Last name Email Role
April Welch awelch.iit@gmail.com Executive Director
Elvin Moy emoy3@hawk.iit.edu Alumnae Adviser
Jocelyn Wong jwong19@hawk.iit.edu Adviser
Gregory Bonnema gbonnema@hawk.iit.edu Co-President
Ethan Fox efox4@hawk.iit.edu Co-President
Harrison Loh hloh@hawk.iit.edu Vice-President
Hans Chung hchung15@hawk.iit.edu Secretary
Juan Bohorquez jbohorquez@hawk.iit.edu Marketing Lead
Andrew Kim akim35@hawk.iit.edu Treasurer
Ryan Lusk rlusk1@hawk.iit.edu Community Manager
Jake Black jblack6@hawk.iit.edu Player Manager
Isaac Vongphit ivongphit@hawk.iit.edu Esports Center Manager