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What is Export Control

The US Government controls exports of certain data, articles, technologies, services, information, equipment, software and hardware is regulated and controlled by Federal law for reasons of national security, foreign policy, and for competitive trade reasons. These controls are managed through several federal agencies such as the US Department of Commerce, the US Department of State, and the US Treasury Department.

One should not think of an export as packing an item in a box and shipping it out. The term “export” includes the transfer of information via any mechanism.  This includes, but is not limited to orally (i.e., having a conversation or presenting a paper), in writing (including email), demonstration or electronic disclosure, a shipment transfer or transmission of a commodity, technical, information, technical data or software, including software codes to anyone outside of the US – including US Citizens, a Non-US Individual or a Foreign Embassy or Affiliate.

The University and all its employees are required to comply with applicable export control laws and regulations. 

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