Export Compliance Program

International Travel

It is a violation of U.S. export regulations to take export-controlled technical data (controlled information) out of the U.S. without a U.S. export license or applicable exemption, even if you do not share it with anyone while you are abroad. Contact the Export Control Office for assistance or questions.

  1. Advance written authorization is required when University paid transportation out of the United States occurs. Written authorization is requested by completing a Travel Request Form (“TRF”), available at https://web.iit.edu/procurementservices/department-resources/procurement-forms
  2. Take a brief training through CITI. You can access the courses here
  3. Determine the classification (ITAR Category or ECCN) under ITAR or EAR of all information, hardware or software you will either be carrying, sending or discussing. Please contact us at least three weeks prior to your departure if you need assistance in reviewing your presentation to ensure that it does not contain any export controlled information.
  4. If you need to take or are shipping export-controlled items (hardware, software or technical data), you will need a valid U.S. export control license or authorization prior to travel. A license exception such as TMP or BAG may also be available.  Keep in mind the "fundamental research exclusion" under the ITAR does not apply outside the U.S. There are also certain activities, such as, providing technical assistance to a Foreign Person that may require government approval (such as a license.) 
  5. Remove any ITAR-controlled, highly restricted, or EAR-controlled information from your laptop and cell phone.  US Customs is authorized to search and retain electronic devices without probable cause. 
  6. Contact the Export Control office well in advance (more than three weeks as state above) of your trip if you are traveling to China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Somalia, Syria, and Venezuela.
  7. Request a Restricted Party Screen using  on any agencies, entities, and individuals with which you will be collaborating.
  8. Verify there are no additional import and export controls at your destination

Packing your bags

You cannot take abroad ITAR controlled articles or technical data without a State Department licenseNote: obtaining a license from the US Department of State travel can take several months. This includes controlled tangible items that are products of fundamental research.

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Sanctioned Destinations

The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) implements U.S. Government sanctions against certain countries pursuant to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

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Restricted Party Screenings

To remain compliant with federal regulations, Illinois Institute of Technology conducts Restricted Party Screenings (RPS) to help prevent illegal transactions with restricted foreign and domestic parties.

Visual Compliance is an online tool used to screen the various lists of restricted individuals and entities and is managed by the Office of Export Compliance. 

The Office of Export Compliance has direct access to the Visual Compliance system. Contact exportcontrol@iit.edu assistance with screenings.

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Travel to embargoed countries

Special restrictions apply when traveling to certain destinations. These restrictions are determined by the government and include per diem rates, and import/export restrictions that apply whether or not you are traveling with export controlled items. Please contact the Export Control Office before traveling to these countries.

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