Requests for J-1 Scholar status begin with the host department at Illinois Tech.  An individual interested in or needing J-1 status must begin the process by speaking to their department, who will in turn initiate the process with the Office of Global Services.  Additional information including links to request forms can be found on the sidebar menu. 

Due to delays in visa processing abroad, please complete all required information & documentation 2 months in advance of the J-1 Scholar's anticipated Start Date at Illinois Tech. Please note that in some instances visa processing may take longer.


Scholars are required to review the following information in order to determine the eligibility requirements to obtain the J-1 status:

  • Length of Stay: Professors and research scholars are permitted to remain in the United States for a total of five years maximum. Short-term scholars are permitted to remain in the United States for up to six months; no extension is permitted.
  • Repeat Participation in the Research Scholar and Professor Categories: After a scholar spends time in the U.S. in one of these categories, he/she is prohibited from returning to the U.S. for 24 months in either the professor or research scholar category. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • 12-Month Rule: An individual will not be eligible for J-1 research scholar or professor status if he/she was in the U.S. in any J status for six out of the previous 12 months. In such cases, he/she must be out of J status for one year before being eligible for J-1 research scholar or professor status.
  • English Language Requirement: New federal regulations beginning January 5, 2015 require use of an “objective measurement of English language proficiency” to determine the language proficiency of all J-1 scholars.
  • Two-Year Home Residency Requirement: Some J-1 scholars and their dependents are required to return to their country of permanent residence for a minimum of two years upon completion of the J-1 program before they will be eligible for H, L, K, or permanent residency status. On rare occasions the visitor may file for a waiver of this requirement. Without the waiver, the J-1 exchange visitor may not change non-immigrant status while in the U.S. or apply for any of the four statuses listed above. Once a waiver is received, extensions of J status are not permitted.
    • J scholars will be subject to the two-year home residency requirement if one of the following conditions exist:
      • Government Funding: If you are being funded in whole or in part directly or indirectly by the U.S. government, your home country government, or the government in your last country of residence.
      • Specialized Knowledge or Skill: Skills List - If your country of citizenship or permanent residence has declared your field of research/study/work necessary to the development of your home country, as shown on the Exchange Visitor Skills List.
  • Health Insurance: J-1 participants and their accompanying dependents are required by law to carry health insurance for the duration of the program. You should obtain this prior to coming to the U.S. but not necessarily before completing this request or applying for your entry visa. Options for health insurance coverage include:
    • IIT student insurance, if you will be required to register in research credits
    • IIT employee insurance (except for High Deductible Health Plan), if you will be paid by IIT
    • Other insurance company, as long as the plan meets the minimum requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of State (additional information will be included with your DS-2019)
  • Funding: Proof of funding to meet the following expenses for the duration of your stay in the U.S. Please note that Evidence of Funding must be less than 6 months old.
    • Living expenses of $1,400/month ($16,800/year)
    • IIT student health insurance fee, if applicable
    • Cost of two research credits per term (one credit/summer term), if required to register
    • Living expenses for any dependents (see Dependents section on the sidebar menu)