EB-1A and National Interest Waiver

These categories do not require a job letter, and, therefore, do not require the approval of the employee’s department, department chair, dean, or supervisor.

Tenured or Tenure-Track Faculty

The recommendation must come from the employee’s department chair, with prior approval from the dean of the respective college, institute or school. Special handling may be an option if a labor certification is submitted to the United States Department of Labor within 18 months of job offer.

Research Staff and Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

Illinois Institute of Technology will sponsor highly qualified research staff and non-tenure-track faculty upon the recommendation of the department chair and prior approval by the dean of the respective college, institute, or school. In cases involving research associates, the dean of the Graduate College must also approve the application. Factors to be considered:

  • The individual should have been employed at Illinois Tech for at least three years
  • There is a high likelihood of continued funding for the position for at least three additional years

Non-Research Staff

Sponsoring non-research staff may be considered if the position is deemed to be critical to the functioning of the unit and the individual has been employed at Illinois Institute of Technology for at least three years. The respective dean or vice president responsible for the employee’s department must recommend and submit the request. It is expected that such requests will be rare.