Family Housing

Student Family Housing

Illinois Tech recognizes that the demographics of the educational landscape are changing. That’s why we’re proud to provide a dedicated on-campus community for students with families! Student family housing at Illinois Tech combines the best of campus and community living. Living on campus has a whole host of advantages, including proximity to classes and campus buildings, community programming, extracurricular events, staff, and peer support. Student family housing provides an environment that is dedicated to and characterized by learning and learners at a comparable rate to the surrounding community.

The residents of student family housing are not just members of the Illinois Tech community, but are also members of the Chicago community. This vibrant city provides educational and entertainment opportunities for families of all sizes, as well as providing the services expected from any metropolis.

Illinois Tech Campus Life

The Illinois Tech campus provides a host of services for students with families. Our dining plans can be utilized by the families of students, and family members can purchase additional meal plans by clicking the link below. Additionally, Keating Sports Center has memberships available for the family members of students for yearly and semester terms. Further, families can participate in the fantastic array of community and cultural events that are happening on campus!


Two public schools service the family housing community: John J. Pershing Magnet School for the Humanities, a kindergarten through eighth grade school that is dedicated to reading improvement through the implementation of the humanities, and Wendell Phillips Academy High School, a ninth through 12th school committed to college preparation and technological integration. Additionally, there are numerous private and parochial schools in the Bridgeport and Bronzeville (Douglas) neighborhoods, which are searchable through GreatSchools.

Child Care

The Office of Residence Life understands that child care can be a primary consideration for families in selecting an educational institution. Day care services are available throughout the community, including two branches of the nationally recognized One Hope United Child Development Centers in Bridgeport.

Health Care

The Bronzeville and Bridgeport neighborhoods are serviced by Insight Hospital and the University of Chicago Hospital. For non-emergency and family practice care, there are a host of urgent and immediate care facilities located within a couple of blocks from campus.


The campus of the Illinois Tech is conveniently located between the thriving neighborhoods of Bridgeport and Bronzeville, which provide a variety of family activities and resources. The two communities together have 19 parks and one beach, as well as five libraries.

Bronzeville is home to the DuSable Museum of African American History, as well as the Wabash YMCA and the Bronzeville Children’s Museum. Guaranteed Rate Field, home to the Chicago White Sox, is located in Bridgeport, and an afternoon game with a Chicago dog is an opportunity not to be missed!


Illinois Tech’s student family housing strives to be affordable. Rates are based on nearby community prices as well as standard collegiate rate procedures. Our student family housing apartments include heat, gas, electricity, water, trash, laundry, high-speed internet, and cable!

All family housing applicants must submit the required additional paperwork to prove eligibility. 

Summer 2024

Apartment TypeResidence HallOccupancySession D Rate (5/12/2024 - 8/4/2024)
Studio Apartment Gunsaulus Hall only Maximum of two residents$4,609
1 Bedroom Apartment Gunsaulus HallMaximum of two residents$5,608
1 Bedroom Apartment Carman HallMaximum of two residents$6,471
2 Bedroom ApartmentGunsaulus HallMaximum of four residents$7,436
2 Bedroom ApartmentCarman HallMaximum of four residents$7,967
3 Bedroom ApartmentCarman HallMaximum of 3 residents$9,860

Academic Year 2024-25

Apartment TypeResidence HallOccupancyPer Semester RateAcademic Year Rate
Studio Apartment Gunsaulus Hall only Maximum of two residents$5,976$11,952
1 Bedroom Apartment Gunsaulus Hall Maximum of two residents$7,272$14,544
1 Bedroom Apartment Carman HallMaximum of two residents$9,642$19,284
2 Bedroom ApartmentGunsaulus HallMaximum of four residents$8,391$16,782
2 Bedroom ApartmentCarman HallMaximum of four residents$10,331$20,661
3 Bedroom ApartmentCarman HallMaximum of 3 residents$12,786$25,571

Residents will need to bring or buy their own:

  • Bed linens
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Towels and wash cloths
  • Clothes hangers
  • Laundry basket and detergent
  • Living room and bedroom lamps
  • Rugs (floors are tiled)
  • Kitchen utensils, plates, pots, pans, etc
  • Electronics
  • Other items deemed necessary by the resident

Application Process

Student family housing is available in very limited quantities. Every fall and spring semester, a few units are reserved for our admitted students with families. Prospective student families will need to complete both a regular housing application AND a student family housing application. Student family housing assignments will not be made until both applications are received with the requested supporting documents included. All requests for family housing accommodations along with all of the required documentation and forms must be submitted each year by the following dates

  • Fall semester: June 1
  • Spring semester: December 1

Application for Housing

  • Students with children/dependents
    • Birth certificate for each child who will reside in the assignment
Dependent Care Plan (180.79 KB)
  • Married Students
    • Valid marriage license
  • Civil Union
    • Legal documentation of civil union
  • Domestic Partnership
    • Joint responsibility for each other’s common welfare and shared financial obligations may be demonstrated by two of the following documents.
      • Joint mortgage or lease
      • Designation of domestic partner as beneficiary for life insurance benefits
      • Designation of domestic partner as beneficiary for retirement death benefits
      • Designation of domestic partner as beneficiary in will or of resident in partners will
      • Durable property and/or health care powers of attorney
      • Joint ownership of motor vehicle
      • Joint ownership of bank account (savings/checking)
      • Joint legal guardianship of children
      • Joint ownership and liability for credit card or credit accounts
      • Joint utility bills
    • Qualifications:
      • Students are of the same sex or in transitional stages
      • Students do not have a marriage license or civil union document
      • Students are each other’s sole domestic partner and are mutually responsible for each other’s welfare
      • Students have a close and committed personal relationship and intend to remain so indefinitely
      • Students share basic living expenses (cost of basic food, shelter, and any other expenses)
      • Students are not legally married to any other person
      • Students are not related by blood in any way that bars marriage in the state of Illinois
      • Students are both 18 or older and mentally competent to consent

Students who have been granted privileges under the Family Housing Policy must report any change in status that terminates the relationship(s) within 30 calendar days to Office of Residence Life. Student room assignments and rates are subject to change if a student no longer meets family housing eligibility requirements.