CAMP Model


What does it stand for?

What does it mean? Learning Outcomes


Community Engagement

A program that help residents develop meaningful and respectful relationships, promote multicultural awareness, and understand the value of living in and providing service to the community.

Residents will...

  • Collaborate to create an open learning environment.
  • Contribute to the larger community through a commitment to service.
  • Interact with faculty, staff, and peers in a healthy and productive way.
  • Navigate and operate within a multicultural society.
  • Feel pride in IIT and show school spirit.
  • Identity and engage with campus and community resources.



Academic Success

A program that helps residents succeed academically and identify campus and community resources for holistic personal & professional development.

Residents will...

  • Set and achieve attainable academic and professional goals.
  • Connect coursework with life experiences.
  • Recognize failure or disappointment as a learning opportunity.
  • Create and share new knowledge.
  • Form meaningful relationships with faculty.
  • Identity and utilize campus and community resources to achieve academic success.


Mental & Physical Wellbeing

A program that help residents focus on cultivating a healthy lifestyle and promotes social, professional, and academic balance.

Residents will...

  • Define a state of personal wellbeing.
  • Increase awareness of mental health issues and how to seek and provide help.
  • Cultivate healthy habits around nutrition and exercise.
  • Recognize the impact of personal health on academic performance.
  • Identify and utilize campus and community resources for personal wellbeing.


Personal Exploration

A program that promotes self-awareness, self-advocacy, and helps residents become aware of their role and impact within the global community.

Residents will...

  • Understand how past experiences impact personal views.
  • Advocate for individual wants and needs.
  • Engage with others to examine personal values and worldview.
  • Create habits of reflection that heighten self-awareness.
  • Identify and utilize campus and community resource to create and achieve goals and aspirations.