Braulio Aguilar Islas

My short term goal is to get into college and get as much experience as I can in many fields of study, but most importantly, work experience in any capacity. I can't wait for the "doing" part of... read more

Beatriz Blanda da Silva

My short-term goals are to put my energy towards my objective every day, which is to become an aerospace engineer, while constantly looking for my best version in intellectual, interpersonal,... read more

Muhammad Bilal Aijaz

My short-term goal would be to strive for academic excellence. Maintaining my grades as well as taking part in sports is one of the goals that I hope to maintain. Another short-term goal would be to... read more

Daniel Joseph Allen

Short term goals are interesting as a thought process. What determines the "short term," and how often must those goals be updated? When practicing the goal-setting exercise, I generally find myself... read more

Nese Gulay Altintas

It was much more straightforward and easy to think about and articulate my specific life goals in the near and distant future, just a year ago. Obviously life happens, circumstances change, and we... read more

Antonio Archilla

My short term goals are continuing to evolve as I evolve, at this point in my life, they are as follows:Firstly, I aim to continue to realize that life and work balance is an act of constant... read more

Ali Bajor

My short term goals are to improve academic, physical, and mental aspects of my life that I felt I struggled with last semester due to the pandemic. Firstly, academically speaking, I did not feel... read more

Quinn Cochran

My short term goal is enthusiastic personal development. I want to work on some of the areas that I have had some trouble with, such as organization, time management, and executive function. I want... read more

Abigail Dudek

I want to further develop my leadership skills in the aspect of diverse thinking, such that I can recognize as many possible solutions to a problem and formulate the best possible solution based on... read more

Matt Nicole Fajardo

My short-term goals encompass taking on more experiences for growth and continuing to surround myself with people I can learn from. I believe the most invaluable asset to one’s development is the... read more

Katia Flores

Taking care of both my physical and mental health has always been an important part of my short term goals. I hope to do this by continuing practicing sports and working out, as well as maintaining... read more

Katherine Galko

My short term goals are to learn as much as I can from my current classes and develop strong relationships with my professors and the rest of the Illinois Tech community. I want to start setting good... read more

Rafael Uriel Garcia

My short-term goals are heavily centered around leadership skills development and improvement in a campus setting. It has been a privilege to take on the position of President for Global Languages... read more

André J Guardia

My short term goals are divided as follows: physical, emotional and intellectual. In the physical side of things, I want to both continue my practice of Taekwondo (Black Belt), and earn a black belt... read more

KyLee Hennes

I've always been the type of person who believes that anyone of any cultural background, economic status, ethnicity, gender, etc., can achieve whatever they put their minds to. Through my time at IIT... read more

Olumayowa A.J. Ige

"My short-term goals are currently guided by my academic and non-academic aspirations. In terms of my academic priorities, I would like to maintain a high G.P.A. for the remainder of my time as a... read more

Lucy Kegley

When thinking about my goals, I picture them as a web. Rather than being a list of different things I want to accomplish, each goal is a part of a network of goals. All of them, whether short or long... read more

Naia Lum

My short term personal goals revolve around adaptation and finding balance. As it is my first year in college amid a global pandemic, I aim to have the ability to adapt and learn from unforeseen... read more

Ryan Manthy

In the short term, my goal is to become more involved in on-campus affairs. As somebody interested in improving the accessibility of systems for marginalized people, I find myself involved in a lot... read more

Somya Mittal

As a double major in Computer Science and Statistics, my goals for the near future are to graduate from IIT with honors in 2022 and to diligently learn and master the skills I will need for industry... read more

Nimah Mohiuddin

"My short-term goals include participating in various activities and experiences that allow me to learn, grow, and enjoy my time at IIT. I aim to get as involved as I can while maintaining a high GPA... read more

Yasaman Mostafavi

I often talk about wanting to “be the best I possibly can be”, and I believe that this simple drive to be the “best” accompanies my belief that one must constantly be learning to be the best they... read more

Kanishk Pal

My short-term goals involve striking a balance between my academic, professional and personal life. I have realized that achieving this balance is more than making everything work; it is about... read more

Jason Scott

Since I believe in continuous progression, my short-term goals align with my long-term goals so that accomplishing my short-term goals will bring me closer to achieving my long-term ones. For this... read more

Brennan Shapiro

My short term goals as I'm starting college are to maintain good grades and balance it with a healthy social life. My short term goals are always flexible, I am always finding new projects that I... read more

Nabilah Siddiqui

I would like to continue being involved in student organizations such as Women in STEM and Gender Minorities (WiSTEM) and WiCYs (Women in Cybersecurity) while maintaining a good academic standing. I... read more

David Singer

I set my short-term goals every morning and then prepare a mental schedule for the day. These goals are adjustable and will either stay the same as the days before or change to fit that new day's... read more

Mae Smith

"I view my short term goals as investments in myself and my environments, and they are grounded in my aim to embody passion, empathy, and wisdom in all I do. While one of my goals is to maintain high... read more

Sarah Kay Stephens

My short-term goals revolve around finding a balance between personal and academic life. I have valued knowledge for as long as I can remember, but I have learned that pushing myself academically is... read more

Rishabh Tyagi

I am a big believer in dreaming big, an even bigger believer in starting small and acting now. This approach has been really beneficial for me as it gives me the momentum that I need to start doing... read more

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