University Colors

Official University Colors


Illinois Tech Red

Pantone: 186

CMYK: 12%, 100%, 91%, 3%

RGB: 204, 0, 0

HEX: #CC0000


Illinois Tech Gray

Pantone: Cool Gray 9

CMYK: 56%, 46%, 44%, 10%

RGB: 118, 119, 123

HEX: #76777B


Illinois Tech Black

Pantone: Process Black

CMYK: 0%, 0%, 0%, 100%

RGB: 0, 0, 0

HEX: #000000

It is highly recommended that the Pantone spot color be used instead of the process match. Pantone 186 is a very pure spot color and cannot be matched with 100 percent accuracy through the four-color process tint method.

It is recommended that formal applications of the signature use the two-color configuration. For other applications, in which budget or design constraints do not allow for the use of PMS 186/Black signature, please use one of the variations shown on the logos page.

If you are printing on paper other than bright white, we suggest that the printer provide ink drawdowns on the actual paper for review.

Offset printing is the normal method for most high-quality, large-quantity print reproduction. However, many other digital technologies are available for lower-end needs and smaller quantities. Please be aware that the institutional signatures provided in this manual may not reproduce successfully at very small sizes. Other problems may result with silkscreen, embossing, and other specialized technologies.

Consult with the Office of Marketing and Communications for additional information.

Alternate Color Palette


Illinois Tech Alternate

Pantone: 130

CMYK: 0%, 47%, 100%, 0%

RGB: 255, 153, 0

HEX: #FF9900

PMS 130, with CMYK and RGB values, is an alternate color palette that complements the official university colors, and has been utilized, for example, in the athletics department Scarlet Hawk logo