Applied Mathematician Cialenco Adds New International Appointments to Résumé



By Casey Moffitt

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Igor Cialenco, associate professor of applied mathematics at Illinois Tech, was appointed as a managing editor of the International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance (IJTAF), one of the top-ranked journals in the area of mathematical finance, published by World Scientific. IJTAF has been bringing together international experts involved in the mathematical modeling of financial instruments, as well as the application of these models in global financial markets, since its launch in 1998. Cialenco’s duties as managing editor include regular handling of submitted manuscripts, advising on the future direction of the journal and its scope, finding best practices to promote the journal, increasing its visibility, and maintaining its high standards. The five-year appointment began on February 1.

On January 1 Cialenco began his two-year tenure as program director for the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics activity group on Financial Mathematics and Engineering (SIAG-SIFIN). As program director, Cialenco accepts responsibility for the SIAG-SIFIN conferences and scientific programs, which includes serving as an organizer of the SIAM Conference on Financial Mathematics and Engineering in 2021 along with the group's chaire Agostino Capponi, associate professor of industrial engineering and operations research at Columbia University. The biennial conference is one of the two biggest meetings for the international mathematical finance community, attracting more than 350 participants.