Department of Chemistry 2018-19 Honors Announced


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Photo of hands wearing gloves in biology lab

The faculty of the Department of Chemistry announces the following award winners, and recognizes their accomplishments during the 2018-19 academic year:

Chemistry Undergraduate Junior Award (highest-achieving junior)
An Ling L. Engebretson (CHEM 3rd Year)

Chemistry Undergraduate Senior Award (highest-achieving senior)
Joseph M. O’Shea (CHEM 4th Year)

Chemistry Teaching Assistant Award (superior service as a teaching assistant)
Pearl Arora, Ph.D. candidate
Seun Ojedokun, Ph.D. candidate

Kilpatrick Fellow
Elahe Moazzen, Ph.D. candidate

The Kilpatrick Fellowship is made possible through a gift from the Kilpatrick Trust to honor Martin and Mary Kilpatrick. Martin Kilpatrick served as chair of the Department of Chemistry from 1947–1960, and Mary Kilpatrick was a chemistry faculty member from 1947–1964.