Illinois Tech Labor and Employment Law Program Ranked #1

PreLaw Magazine Gives Top Marks to Chicago-Kent College of Law J.D. Program



By Susan O’Brien

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Illinois Tech Labor and Employment Law Program Ranked #1

Chicago-Kent College of Law’s program in labor and employment law, known for combining theoretical education with exceptional experiential learning opportunities, has been rated the top program in the country by preLaw magazine.

The ratings, published in preLaw’s winter 2019 issue, identify the United States’s top seven labor and employment law programs, designating Chicago-Kent as the best among them as the only program to earn an A+ grade.

“With this recognition, we salute our faculty members, alumni, student employers, and Institute for Law and the Workplace members, whose input and support keep our program on the cutting edge of scholarship and skills training,” says Chicago-Kent Professor of Law Martin Malin, who is co-director of the Institute for Law and the Workplace.

“We’d also like to thank our remarkable students, whose hard work and commitment to this practice area inspire all of us who work with them,” says Associate Professor of Law César F. Rosado Marzán, who directs the institute with Malin.

preLaw notes that Chicago-Kent’s program offers a J.D. certificate, nearly 20 courses in the practice area, and “a host of practical training opportunities,” including the chance to work in the Plaintiffs Employment Law Clinic, which litigates workplace violations ranging from unfair termination to sexual harassment.

“Students can work for government regulatory agencies and law firms that specialize in employment law, as well as assisting corporate in-house counsel with labor and employment issues,” the article notes.

The magazine also emphasizes that Chicago-Kent is home to the Institute for Law and the Workplace, “which is nationally recognized for its research into employment and labor law issues.” The institute is the academic cornerstone of the labor and employment law program, pooling the resources of leading academic scholars and the practicing professional community to explore a wide range of issues involving the law that governs the workplace.

Each year the institute draws thousands of lawyers and labor relations professionals to its conferences and programs, and continuously involves students in its many activities as well as its two student-run publications—the Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal and the Illinois Public Employee Relations Report.